A Hot Tub + Banana Bread = One Of The Funniest Police Releases Ever

Our friends at Kawartha Lakes Police Service were called to one of the strangest calls ever. Here it is from their police brief on Monday (July 13th)...

"On July 10, 2015 police responded to a call from a woman who claims she awoke to what she thought was a man and a woman exiting her hot tub naked. Upon arrival at the scene, a taxi van full of young adults was about to leave and police were able to speak with a woman who admitted to having been the one in her neighbor’s hot tub. The woman apologized and advised she would make it up to her neighbor by baking her some banana bread. Parties were cautioned and no further action was taken by police."

The cheeky display copy in the police brief probably says it best: "Nothing Banana Bread Can't Fix".

So yes, remember this: There Is Nothing Banana Bread Can't Fix.

One more time: There Is Nothing Banana Bread Can't Fix


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