Amusé Coffee Co. Launches Second Location The Edison In VentureNorth Building

After pursuing her entrepreneurship dreams opening an authentic Paris themed café Amusé Coffee Co. in 2015 on George St., Lindsay Brock is celebrating her third anniversary in operation on August 23rd by opening a permanent second location called The Edison (Powered by Amusé).

The espresso and pastry bar is housed the lobby of the VentureNorth building at 270 George St. North. In a sense, it's like coming home for Lindsay, as The Edison is located in the building where various economic development establishments reside that helped her originally start her business.

Entrepreneur Lindsay Brock at The Edison, located in VentureNorth Building in downtown Peterborough

Entrepreneur Lindsay Brock at The Edison, located in VentureNorth Building in downtown Peterborough

Through entering the FastStart program—a partnership with the Innovation Cluster, Trent University and Fleming College that provides youth startup business support and funding through Community Futures Peterborough—Brock was able to learn the skills needed to open her own café.

Brock has hosted a pop-up cafe in the VentureNorth lobby since March 2018 as a business test running two days per week, providing fair trade organic whole bean coffee and baked goods. With the overwhelming success in sales, Brock says there was no question about opening a permanent location there.

“The past five months serving at the VentureNorth building has been a great experience for Amusé’s business,” says Brock. “Being able to cover two locations downtown has allowed us to provide our specialty products on either sides of the downtown core, and with the new permanent location, we will now be providing more meal options.”

The Edison at Venture North.jpg

The grand opening of The Edison is Thursday, August 23rd from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and its hours will be from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday starting the following week.

You can also visit Lindsay's Amusé location at 641 George St. N.—we spotlighted it in a post in August 2015—pictured below...


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