Peterborough Writer Tweets His Fury To Future Shop & Best Buy About His Computer

Friday, it was business as usual at Future Shops across Canada with consumers going into the store and making their purchases and such.

Peterborough-based freelance writer Philip Preville was one of them. He took his computer into the Peterborough location Friday for repairs. Saturday, he learned—along with the rest of consumers across Canada—that Future Shops were closing across the country, including Peterborough, which will be converted into a Best Buy.

Now Future Shop, and their parent company Best Buy, obviously knew the plan. But consumers didn't. Logically, Preville wouldn't have brought his computer into the store Friday to be fixed if he had known what was what about to go down.

Preville is self-employed. He relies on his computer to work, to make money. He needs his computer back. Read his tweet exchanges below to Best Buy and Future Shop—it's all so confusing who to even direct tweets to—about being got caught during a massive rebranding...

Now let's hope for a Hollywood ending that Preville can write about it—and tweet about—on his fixed computer Monday morning.

Because customer service is everything for corporations, right?

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