What You Would Do With Peterborough Square


Photo: Evan HoltSo we recently posed the question on Twitter, "Peterborough Square. If someone handed you the building, clean slate, what would you do with it?" We received a range of interesting answers. Among them:

-- "Demolish it, build a public square & park around Market Hall with ice rink, outdoor stage, greenspace. Parking underground."Candace Shaw

-- "Peterborough Square: Casino!"David Feeley

-- "Dr offices. Professional buiding." Paul Laing

-- "Ptbo Square partly demolished. Keep the theatre and leave the lower level for offices. Above should be a conference centre!" Justin Beaudoin

-- "Convention centre, arboretum w/ space for farmer's market, town square."Bill Juby

-- "PTBO Square should be an international flea market."Catherine Hanrahan

Several people on Twitter really liked Candace Shaw's idea above, with Alana Callan remarking, "It would really put the focus back on downtown as a communal place, the 'heart' of the city."

So what do you think? Perfect world, what would you do with Peterborough Square? Leave it as is? Tweak? Radical change? Comment below, or elaborate on some of the thoughts above. 

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