Peterborough Entrepreneur Launches Mobile App For Users To Discover Their Next Meal Based On Their Mood

Peterborough entrepreneur Sultan Moni, a student at Trent University, has launched a new app that could change the way consumers choose their next meal. Zatiq is a platform for users to discover local foods around them that will match their cravings to a meal.

Through artificial intelligence, this unique app—now available in Google Play Store and launching on the App store in August—could redefine the food and hospitality industry. A mix of inputting the user’s mood and meal preferences will allow the app to be personalized at any user’s command.

“People are always hungry but often never know what they want to eat,” says Moni. “I wanted to solve that problem since there are so many different types of meals to discover.”

Moni is based out of the Innovation Cluster’s downtown Cube in Peterborough, and combined his love for trying new meals and developing technology to create a food discovery app that can benefit anyone who wants to discover new food and find that perfect dish.

Entrepreneur Sultan Moni

Entrepreneur Sultan Moni

“It is exciting to see a disruptive new app born in Peterborough & the Kawarthas which has the potential to be used in different markets around the world," says Michael Skinner, President & CEO of the Innovation Cluster.

With Zatiq’s leading search capabilities, there are various inputs available to find their next meal. When searching by business, user’s can browse for specific restaurants, cafés and other food hot spots. The innovative “mood” search engine lets the user find meals that will satisfy based on what they are feeling, such as happy or heartbroken. No matter what kind of day the person is having, they can find a meal fit for them.

With the ability for users to follow each other’s profiles, the app provides an interactive experience when trying new foods, allowing people to comment or like another user’s ratings, check-ins, or pictures.

Another benefit of the app is each time a user checks in to a location, points are gained. These can be redeemed as coupons, discounts, samples, offers and other deals provided by businesses. Rewards could be anything from a free coffee to a free iPhone 7.

“This app will expand even more as people in different locations download it,” says Moni. “Zatiq will allow users to add meals and locations to the app’s search list, so anyone around the world will be able to find a good meal, gain points and have fun wherever they are.”

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