Incredible Aerial Pictures Of Main Street Bobcaygeon Rocking Out To Tragically Hip

Among the 11.7 million Canadians to watch CBC's three-hour broadcast Saturday night of Tragically Hip's last show were thousands of people on main street Bobcaygeon—the place from the Hip's beloved song "Bobcaygeon".

Bolton Street was shut down so people could watch the show together on a big screen. Kawartha Adventure Rentals took amazing aerial images of the festivities using a drone that they posted to their Twitter account. Here they are below...

Wow, like look at this...

Here's what it looked like from the ground on Bobcaygeon under the constellation...

photo via Kawartha ATV Rentals

photo via Kawartha ATV Rentals

Photo via TrentSevern Waterway

Photo via TrentSevern Waterway

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Here's The Trailer For Bobcaygeon: The Movie

[YouTube; Bobcaygeon: The Movie website; The Wolf]

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PtboPics: The Tragically Hip (And 4 Dudes On The Balcony) Rocked Showplace

The Hip were amazing, and so too were these four dudes up on the balcony (see pics below). People couldn't help but notice them with their high fives, their man hugs, their fist pumps, their air guitars, their picture taking, their dance moves, their enthusiasm. And they managed to not fall off the balcony.

Here is some video and pictures (including the set list) from the night...


4 Dudes On The Balcony


4 Dudes On The Balcony



[First five photos via Brian Ellis, Ryan Lalonde, The Wolf 101.5, Pete Dalliday, Jeff North; bottom photo]

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"Sleepy" Bobcaygeon Is Getting Busy Preparing For 25,000 Tragically Hip Fans Who Are Ready To Rock

City officials are "hoping for the best but are planning for the worst" for the Big Music Fest hitting there June 25th and starring the Hip. This will be the biggest show ever to enter the Kawartha Lakes region.

[chextvDOTcom; Tragically Hip - "Bobcaygeon"]

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Peterborough Gets Awesome Bands and Musicians Like Metric, Arkells, Blue Rodeo and Jeff Martin (And Concertgoers Often Film It)

Metric at the Memorial Centre...

Blue Rodeo at Showplace...

Arkells at Wolfstock...

Matthew Good at Showplace...

Tragically Hip at the Memorial Centre...

Trooper at Little Lake Musicfest...

Stephen Fearing at PCVS...

Jeff Martin at Historic Red Dog...

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