Watch: Take A Tour Of Alex Bierk's Art Studio On "PTBOCanada" Show

On Episode 36 of PTBOCanada, we take a tour of the Hunter Street studio of artist Alex Bierk.

Alex Bierk in his studio: February 6th, 2018

Alex Bierk in his studio: February 6th, 2018

In the show, our Neil Morton speaks with Alex about creativity, culture, melding art and commerce, upcoming projects, the opiod crisis, addiction recovery and how his late father, renown artist David Bierk, was a huge inspiration to him and his siblings…


Watch the episode below…

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PTBOCanada Spotlight: Artist Brianna Gosselin

Brianna Gosselin is an up-and-coming mixed media artist whose work captures the spirit and light of nature. A graduate of PCVS, Brianna teaches courses and workshops at the Art School of Peterborough, inspiring others to find and express their artistic voice. Currently, her work is on display at the Gallery in the Attic and Stickling's Bistro. As well, she will be at The Venue competing in Art Battle Peterborough November 21st and her work will be featured at the Art School of Peterborough Auction on November 30th at the Market Hall. Find out more about her on her website or follow her on Twitter. Check out some of her recent work below from her online gallery...


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David Goyette Community Fundraising Event For Art School Of Peterborough

An occasional painter, David Goyette has completed ten new canvasses for the purpose of their sale in support of The Art School of Peterborough. Each piece is large scale abstract in acrylic, measuring 30 by 40 inches.
A not-for-profit organization with charitable status, The Art School of Peterborough is dedicated to providing a professional level of instruction to both adults and children in a wide variety of studio media. The proceeds from the sale of David’s art will help fund the Richard Hayman Youth Bursary for young people who have an interest in art but are unable to pursue it due to financial constraints.
The show and sale of David’s art is open to all and will take place on Wednesday (May 8th) at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, 120 Murray Street (at Water Street). Doors open at 5 p.m. and a presentation takes place at 5.30 p.m.


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Spotlight: Peterborough Artist Lyall Brownlee

Peterborough's Lyall Brownlee—whose bio on his Twitter page reads "I like to draw pictures and paint on things and write stuff and ride skateboards"—explains to PtboCanada in his own words how he got started as an artist (scroll down to see some of his works below) and what his inspirations were growing up:

"When I was a kid, I always spent a lot of time drawing. My interest in art was first really stoked in high school though—being kind of quiet, I guess I tried to express my individuality through my 'weird' drawings. I was pretty into skateboarding and through that culture, I was introduced to a lot of the 'lowbrow' art that was going on.

Juxtapoz Magazine was founded about this time in the mid-90s and I loved it—what I was exposed to in Juxtapoz and skateboard graphics/ads, etc. formed my early ideas about art. Now that I am older, I've developed a greater appreciation for art history and such but I still read the magazine every month and my 'flat' aesthetic still hints at those graphic influences for sure.

Some of the artists that have had an influence on me are Ed Templeton, Jim Houser, Dalek, Barry McGee, Margaret Killgalen, Jeremy Fish, Chris Johanson, Mark Gonzales, Porous Walker and Matt Furie.

I've been showing my paintings for the last five years or so in Peterborough, Toronto and Vancouver. Things are busy in my studio as work is currently underway for a new solo show in Peterborough."

[Living Vicariously Through Unicorns; @LyallRB]

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They Say Wizards Can't Be Trusted - Acrylic on wood platterUntitled - Acrylic on woodStephen Sleeps Alone - Acrylic on wood panelUnicorns Lie - Acrylic on wood panelUntitled - Acrylic on canvasMy Other Ride Is A Tall Ship - Acrylic on canvas



Spotlight: Peterborough Mural Artist John Leacy

John Leacy, a self-taught artist who lives in Peterborough (he's a long ago Crestwood grad), has been painting murals for almost 15 years now—both in the corporate and private sector.

Below is a sampling of mural art he's done for clients here in the Patch. The Hollywood mural, for example, was created for a home theatre, and the clients wanted their favourite movies, actors and actresses included on it.







To contact John Leacy about his mural art, click here

[All photos provided by John Leacy]

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