UPDATED: Peterborough House Cat Named Chester Is Missing In This Extreme Cold

UPDATE, January 9th: It's a miracle! After several reported sightings over the week, Chester is now home safe, his jubilant owner reports on Facebook!


It's one week today (January 7th) since an adorable orange cat named Chester went missing from his home. He is a 4-year-old Tabby/Maine Coon mix.

Chester is normally a indoor cat so the outside world is foreign to him. He is a male and is fixed. He went missing from the Sherbrooke Street Clonsilla Ave area between Sherbrooke Street and Westmount Pharmacy.

His owners really miss him and are worried sick that he is outside in the cold. Please call Debra at 705.748.5604 if you know his whereabouts.

Georgie misses his buddy Chester

Georgie misses his buddy Chester

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Here's Footage Of The Cat On A Hydro Pole Being Rescued Yesterday

[CHEX Newswatch]

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The Owners Of A Cat That Was Shot & Killed By Someone With A BB Gun Speak Out

Anyone with information is asked to call Police or Crime Stoppers.


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Someone's Pet Bird Must Be Missing (Here Are The Pictures)

[UPDATE: Some people are suggesting on Twitter—here and here—that it's a wild finch. Still, curious behaviour. And we don't know if they've called Humane Society. Oh, and someone is missing a bird, but it's not the one below.]


These pictures were taken by Brad Crough from inside his house in Peterborough's West End. "This bird has been trying to get inside all day," he tweets. And Brad's cat obviously wants the bird inside as well. Not a good idea.

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