Iconic Milltown Mini Golf Is Permanently Closing At The End Of This Season After 33 Years In Business

It was the place where so many memories were made—an iconic local attraction that made our "57 Signs You're From Peterborough" list a couple years back.

After 33 years of business, Milltown Mini Golf owners Lynda and Barry Cross have announced they are closing permanently at the end of the 2017 season.

"Our landlord sold the property where we are located to a local developer who will be building stores on our site," Lynda and Barry say in a media release.

They add of their family fun park: "Working at Milltown is not like going to work, it's been fun for us everyday. We have loved the many years of enjoyment that local residents and tourists alike have brought us. We have had the pleasure of helping chairitable organizations raise thousands of dollars with fund raising mini golf events. Most of all, we will miss the laughter, joking, and fun that we see daily at Milltown."

Relationships and marriages were formed there, according to the owners:

"Over the years, we have also had the enjoyment of seeing couples on their first dates at Milltown and then a few years later they will come back with their children. We will miss all of this."

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Charlotte Jewelers Is Closing After 69 Years

Charlotte Jewelers has announced on their Facebook page that after 69 years, they are closing down.

Charlotte Jewelers has been a stalwart in the downtown, and they will be missed.

"After much deliberation, and 69 years, we have decided to close Charlotte Jewelers", says the note on their Facebook page. "We want to thank you for your support. It has been a great privilege to serve the Peterborough and surrounding area. We'll keep all the relationships close to our heart for a lifetime."

Their Out Of Business Closing Sale starts Saturday, October 17th at 10 a.m.

Charlotte Jewelers has been in business here since 1946. Share your memories of Charlotte Jewelers on our Facebook page.

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Parkhill On Hunter Closing After 25 Years In Business

After 25 years in business, Parkhill on Hunter will be closing the doors of the landmark Peterborough restaurant on Monday, September 29th. “It is with both sadness and excitement that I make this decision,” owner Emma Cox says in a press release. “After 12 years of working at the restaurant, four of which as owner, the time has come for the next phase.” Cox will be transitioning her focus, skill and experience to her new catering and event planning business, EC Catering. “I am so excited about this change. Although we won’t be in a brick and mortar restaurant, our food and event planning services will still be available."

NOTE: EC Catering says they will honour all Parkhill on Hunter gift certificates for one year from closing date.

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UPDATE: The Garnet On Hunter St. Now Under New Ownership

UPDATE! The Garnet is now under new ownership—alive and thriving on Hunter Street.]



Garnet photo via Facebook

Garnet photo via Facebook

The Garnet on Hunter had a terrific run, but the owners have decided to close it effective February 15th. Here's the heartfelt goodbye letter they posted on their Facebook page:

Hello friends/patrons,

It is with a mixture of sadness and relief to announce that we will be closing The Garnet effective this February 15th, 2014.

It was a pleasure to serve you and to build with you a vibrant and unique community in our tiny bar over the past few years, but it is time for us to move on to the lifestyle that calls to us from the north country. We have known for some time that our rightful place is in the country. Last September a very generous gift of a house on a lake was bestowed to us by a friend and we knew that our days in Peterborough running The Garnet were numbered.

Thank-you so much for the loyal friendship, the strange and stimulating conversations and the music! You are a truly an inspirational lot, and we have made so many friends over the span of time that we have been open. Thank-you!

We are unable to say exactly what is happening next in the space. A couple of interested buyers have just backed out so we are looking for someone(s) who would be able to take over and keep the spirit in this community going through The Garnet. Interested parties can either come talk to us personally or contact us through our email, theredgarnet@gmail.com.

We will be open another month, so please do come out and enjoy the space while we are still around. We plan to be working more shifts in the next bit so we can hang out with you over the next month. Also, if you have an event you would like us to host or are in a band and would like to play, please contact us asap on facebook. We have some dates still open on the calendar and want to pack in the goodness for the next month.

Thank-you for your friendship and patronage!
Tammy and Blair

[via Garnet Facebook page]

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Charm Tree Toys In Downtown Peterborough Closing Down

We're sad to report that Charm Tree Toys, owned by the awesome Maren Fine—a huge supporter of the downtown and all things Peterborough—is closing in downtown Peterborough. We wish Maren all the best—as she says to us in a tweet, "it is a very sad time." Indeed.

[UPDATE: We started a Facebook thread, with the question, "So how do we make our downtown thrive? A brainstorm. All ideas welcome. Fire away..." So many great ideas being generated there. Join the discussion. Click here.]


—pics via Julie Morris

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Downtown Store Tango Has Closed

photo via Sofawned.comDésirée Fawn, owner of the shop Tango in Peterborough's Fashion District since April 2012, has made the difficult decision to close the store.

In a posting to her Facebook page, she made the heartfelt announcement:

"Last week I made the tough choice to close Tango. Owning a store downtown was the fulfilling of a dream for me and I will never regret having taken over the shop as a single mother at age 25 and creating a space that ended up being truly my own. However, in business there are always highs and lows, risks and adventures -- and after much deliberation, I knew it was time to say goodbye to the shop.

"Greatness is not achieved by never falling, but by rising each time we fall."

And so I'll rise and enjoy this new phase of life.

Thank you so much to the friends and family who have been incredibly supportive and to all who helped Tango be a special chapter in my lives."

We wish Désirée all the best in future endeavours. More on the announcement, and what her next steps are can be found on her blog So Fawned. As she says there, "To the new. To the future. To moving on & making the most of it all."

Well said.


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R.I.P. Trasheteria

Iconic Peterborough bar Trasheteria, which employed an average of 35 people at a time, is closing down this weekend after 18 years in business, owner Jonathan Hall tells us.

"Yes, it's the end of the Trash and its 18 year run," a disappointed and emotional Hall tells PTBOCanada, adding "there is talk and effort in bringing it back in the near future with the same brand."

Share your memories below of what the Trash meant to you.

People are already sharing their thoughts on Twitter @Trasheteria.



Thanks for everything you’ve done but now it's time to go… 

Well friends unfortunately this Saturday truly is last call for The Trasheteria.  Over the past 18 years we’ve averaged about 35 people at a time on staff and have been a proud part of the downtown nightlife community.  All staff throughout the years, thank you. You’re paramount to a small business and The Trash has had nothing but the best staff from day 1.  We will miss everyone immensely.  We regret nothing and wouldn’t change a thing, what a trip (we really should write a book).  A million or so of you have been through our doors over the past 18 years and danced the night away, done some patio schmoozing, checked out a band and escaped the mundane. Thank You.

We loved our live gigs. Fiest played The Trash before she hit big with two of her prior bands, Sloan gave us indie RN’R goosebumps, Australia’s Powderfinger were mesmerizing, The Sadies psychedelic alt country made me a fan for life and The Cowboy Junkies made me sleepy, in a good way. Jordan Knight from ‘The New Kids On The Block’ Played to 100 middle aged women 6 months before reforming and selling out 2 nights at the ACC whilst 2 weeks before that ‘The Dayglo Abortions’ punk rocked all over the same stage. Gotta love it! To all the bands and even Jordan Knight (who i drove to Taco Bell), Thank you.

It’s a great feeling to know that many a lasting relationship started at the Trash - bff’s, marriages, and even little Trasheteria babies! Heck, we’ve even seen a couple tattoos :) Makes us feel real good.

However, We’ve run our course and its curtains for 123 Simcoe.

There is interest and efforts in bringing ‘The Trash’ brand back in one way shape or form. Fingers crossed friends… We’ll leave it at that for now.

To the kids that found comfort in our brand and really connected to the music our dj’s played and the gigs we booked, we thank you so much for the support over the years. Our loyal supporters - we love you, you know who you are - Keep on being beautifully weird and different, funky and cool, wild and courageous… Be safe out there and perhaps we’ll see you down that winding road.

Much love, Retro Rules, Bye for now,



Last ever songs played at the Trash...


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