Here Is Just One Of The Letters Sent To KPR Board Members Asking Them Not To Close PCVS

There are many, many letters being sent to KPR officials pleading with them to not close PCVS. Here is one of them from local downtown business owners:

To the Board of Trustees of the Kawartha Pine Ridge school board,

I own a business in downtown Peterborough, if PCVS closes the businesses of downtown Peterborough will suffer greatly.
As you know, teenagers have tremendous influence on household purchases.  The fact that they are downtown influences their families to come downtown and shop.  The students bring a great lively atmosphere to the downtown, it will be devasting to the businesses of the downtown if this is lost.

On another note, I have 2 children attending Queen Mary public school.  I chose to live in the area that I do because of the walkabilty of elementary school and high school.  I expected my children to attend PCVS.  Personally I am a huge supporter of the public school board but  I will not send my children on a bus to school.  If PCVS is closed I will send my children to St. Petes (where they can walk).  The public school board will lose many children to the catholic school board if the decision is to close PCVS.  There are numerous like minded families in my neighborhood.  We will not send our children to Adam Scott or Kenner which are the recommended schools for our district.

 The larger picture must be considered.  PCVS is a fantastic school with an exceptional record of sucesses.  Do not close it.  I am certain the downtown as a whole will suffer tremendously if it is closed, my business included.  The DBIA has sent you a letter and every business owner I have spoken with is against PCVS closing, knowing that their business may not survive this closure.  It is tough enough to operate a business downtown.  We as business owners strongly believe that if PCVS is closed, our doors may have to close too.

Please consider these points when making your decision tonight.
Amanda and Shane Palmer

Green Eyewear Optical
374 George St.


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