Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher Showed Up At Gerti's Last Night In Downtown Peterborough

Carrie and Mike at Gerti's. Restaurant-goers at Gerti's on Hunter Street in downtown Peterborough were star struck Saturday night (July 14th) when in walked country music star Carrie Underwood with her husband, NHL player Mike Fisher, who is from the area. 

They arrived at Gerti's for a post wedding reception party, as Mike's brother, Rob, married earlier in the day in town.

Seems the wedding guests weren't supposed to show up at Gerti's until later, about 1 a.m., for what was supposed to be a private party, but the power went out at the Peterborough golf club where the wedding reception was being held—there was a power outage in parts of the city last night—so about 50 to 60 guests arrived at Gerti's earlier, at around 11:00 p.m., for celebrations.

And since the restaurant was still open to the public, fans inside got to glimpse Carrie and Mike sitting at a booth with some other guests from the wedding for a while before the celebrity couple moved to the back patio along with most of the other guests.

There was a buzz in the air when they arrived and fans tweeted their excitement, with @LaurieBecks saying, "Carrie underwood is at Gerti's in Peterborough right now!!!"

The private couple left shortly after midnight before the other guests, which is when we snapped this picture above as they were standing with Mike's father Jim.

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