PTBOPics: Classic Car Show On Hunter Street

It was a great turnout on an overcast Saturday as The Toronto Triumph Club and the MG Car Club of Toronto, along with other classic cars, were on display on Hunter Street—as well as local vendors.

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Watch This Reelhunter West Video Filmed Along Hunter Street

Here's a fun, trippy video "Peterborough Forward" on Hunter Street done by local film crew Reelhunter West... 


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Inside The New Kettle Drums Restaurant & Bar On Hunter Street

Peterborough has a new Italian restaurant on Hunter Street called Kettle Drums. It is owned by Reg Maranda and Cameron Green, who also own Reggie's Hot Grill in East City and El Camino's downtown (we spotlighted both back in 2010).

Friday night kicked off with a soft opening, while construction is completed on the side patio (which will seat 50) and a few more fine touches inside.

The soft opening gives the staff a chance to iron out the menu, and while not all the options will be available this weekend, there are still plenty of pizzas to try.

There is a very relaxed atmosphere inside, with lovely decor and wall art as well as a small patio out front that will seat 20. Quite a few patrons came to sample the food, and try the beer, cocktails, martinis and wine.

I had a brief moment to chat with Reg while he was zipping to-and-fro, and he mentioned that they were proud with what has come together. They had been working on the plan for this restaurant well before having to close their chip truck, and even snuck the famous Reggie Burger onto the menu.

Drop in this weekend and give one of their pizzas a try (gluten free crust available, too), and shortly thereafter the rest of the menu including the Crispy Sweet Potato Chips—which Reg confesses he likes even better than Reggie's Hotgrill's tasty Sweet Potato Fries.

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher Showed Up At Gerti's Last Night In Downtown Peterborough

Carrie and Mike at Gerti's. Restaurant-goers at Gerti's on Hunter Street in downtown Peterborough were star struck Saturday night (July 14th) when in walked country music star Carrie Underwood with her husband, NHL player Mike Fisher, who is from the area. 

They arrived at Gerti's for a post wedding reception party, as Mike's brother, Rob, married earlier in the day in town.

Seems the wedding guests weren't supposed to show up at Gerti's until later, about 1 a.m., for what was supposed to be a private party, but the power went out at the Peterborough golf club where the wedding reception was being held—there was a power outage in parts of the city last night—so about 50 to 60 guests arrived at Gerti's earlier, at around 11:00 p.m., for celebrations.

And since the restaurant was still open to the public, fans inside got to glimpse Carrie and Mike sitting at a booth with some other guests from the wedding for a while before the celebrity couple moved to the back patio along with most of the other guests.

There was a buzz in the air when they arrived and fans tweeted their excitement, with @LaurieBecks saying, "Carrie underwood is at Gerti's in Peterborough right now!!!"

The private couple left shortly after midnight before the other guests, which is when we snapped this picture above as they were standing with Mike's father Jim.

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Here's A Beauty Shot Of The Sky And Hunter Street From Tonight

[via @candaceshaw]

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Check Out The PCVS/DBIA Banners on Hunter Street

There are numerous different PCVS/DBIA banners on Hunter Street now.

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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PtboPic: Sign Says "Welcome To The Hunter St Café District"

This fancy new sign went up in the little alley located next to Newdle Bar on Hunter. 

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[Contributed by PtboCanada's Julie Morris]

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Jamaican Self-Help + Peterborough = 30 Years In Partnership

Youth awareness trip participant at St. Peter Clavier School in JamaicaFor thirty years, local organization Jamaican Self-Help (JSH) has been working to empower people and build communities. Through partnerships with hard-working Jamaicans, vocational centres, schools, health care facilities and other institutions, JSH has successfully improved the lives of many Jamaican adults and children.

The community of Peterborough is an essential part of the success of this organization. Supported by the small but committed staff, the organization is based on Hunter Street in downtown Peterborough. Hundreds of Peterborough residents have participated in the activities of JSH as they lead, promote, educate and fundraise for the organization’s activities.

“The mandate of JSH is twofold," says Marisa Kaczmarczyk, Executive Director of JSH. "Our objective is to work with our Jamaican partners in order to successfully do as our slogan suggests—‘Empower People and Build Community’ in the Jamaican context. We also work to promote global education for Peterborough residents through a number of activities and events, thereby ‘Empowering People and Building Community’ in the Peterborough context and between these two countries, as well."

Local couple Rosemary and John Ganley founded the organization after traveling to Jamaica in the 1970s through their volunteer work with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). With the help of friends and community members, the Ganleys have remained advocates for the organization’s activities in Peterborough and its programs in several parts of Jamaica. Other Peterborough residents continue to support JSH through volunteer work in areas such as fundraising, global education, programming in Jamaica and event planning. The organization continues to lead students and adults on "awareness trips" to Jamaica that promote knowledge of international issues.

As JSH looks into the next thirty years of its work, Peterborough remains significant in all aspects of its activities. “The support that JSH receives from the residents of Peterborough is essential to its success," adds Kaczmarczyk. "We rely so heavily on the volunteer hours, the corporate support, the public and private donations that we receive from the people of Peterborough. We continue to grow as an organization because of new ideas and support from members of this community of all ages."

To learn more about JSH, go their website, follow them on Twitter @JamaicanSH, or contact the office at 705-743-1671.

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Sarah McDougall]

[Photo courtesy JSH]

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Black Honey's 5th Anniversary

Black Honey (a dessert, coffee and catering company located at 221 Hunter Street) is celebrating their 5th Anniversary tonight.

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PtboPic: Coming To Hunter Street... Gabby's

[photo submitted by PtboCanada contributor Julie Morris, @cupcakeJu]

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