Highlights From New Community Assessment Report On Peterborough

The Peterborough Examiner ran a long article last week called "Who We Are" that summarized the key findings from the Peterborough County-City Health Unit's Community Assessment Report 2010. Some of the findings from the Examiner article include:

-Peterborough city's umployment rate is 8.1%, Ontario's is 6.4%.

-When it comes to money, private Peterborough households are bringing home a median of $51,660 per year, about $9,000 less than the rest of Ontario.

-Peterborough people are tops in Ontario for getting regular physical activity

-More Peterborough children live in families that worry about running out of food, or go without eating for an entire day, than the Ontario average.

-More and more Peterborough people are turning to food banks -- 54% more people have used food banks over the past seven years.

-Fewer than half of us (45.7%) are in the normal weight range while 17.2% are obese.

-About 22% of Peterborough residents smoke

-In 2005, 44 Peterborough people used methadone therapy; that number swelled to 920 people by 2009.

-Mental illness is affecting an estimated 26,616 Peterborough people while 10,646 of those people suffer from major depression.

[The Peterborough Examiner]

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