Here's The Top 10 Intersections For Collisions In Peterborough

Peterborough Community Police's Traffic Managment Unit has released stats so far this year for the Top 10 intersections for collisions (and what the Top 10 were last year).

"The one intersection of note," according to the police release, "is that Monaghan and Lansdowne is no longer in the Top 10 for this year. It actually did not make the Top 20. It has been #1 or #2 for the past 5 years."


Here's the breakdown...

2012 So Far

1 Clonsilla and the Parkway
2 Clonsilla and Sherbrooke
3 Parkway and Lansdowne
4 Rubidge and King
5 Fairbairn and Parkhill
6 Parkhill and George
7 Lock and Lansdowne
8 Sherbrooke Rubidge
9 Ashburnham and Lansdowne
10 Clonsilla and Goodfellow
2011 Year End Stats

1 Sherbrooke and Clonsilla
2 Monaghan and Lansdowne
3 Monaghan and Parkhill
4 Clonsilla and Goodfellow
5 Parkway and Lansdowne
6 Clonsilla and Parkway
7 Bellevue and Chemong
8 Wolsely and Chemong
9 Parkhill and Fairbairn
10 Sherbrooke and Monaghan
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Woman Drugged At Peterborough Bar Then Sexually Assaulted By Cab Driver

This is just the worst story imaginable. An intoxicated woman who was apparently the victim of a date rape drug at The Junction nightclub Friday night was put in a cab by her friends to get her home safely, and the driver, in what's being called "a crime of opportunity", took her back to his residence and allegedly sexually assaulted her. The cab driver has been charged with sexual assault and abduction. Police say there is an alarming increase in the number of sexual assaults connected to date rape drugs in the city, and that women who go out together have to develop a buddy system and look after each other at all times. Apparently it is no longer safe to put them in a cab alone either. Terrible.

[CHEX TV; The Peterborough Examiner]

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PtboPics: Standoff in the Patch

The man has been captured by police. Here's a couple photos our creative director Evan Holt took at the scene:

[Man, 43, apprehended after standoff at a Hunter St. W. apartment]