PTBOFoodie Review: Sam's Place Deli On Hunter

Sam's Place Deli
188 Hunter St. West, Peterborough, Ont.
Hours: Open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays

It was just over a year and a half ago that Sam's Place Deli opened its doors and established itself as the new premier deli in town, and today that reputation is still holding as strong as ever. 

Owned and operated by Daniel Fitchko and Sam Sayer, with assistance from one of the Trasheteria's former managers Ted Whelpdale (pictured), Sam's Place has turned from the neighbourhood deli into one of Peterborough's favourite lunch destinations.  This was achieved through great food, amazing customer service, and a willingness to go a little farther to please their patrons.  

Upon entering, the restaurant's atmosphere provides the customer with a feeling of comfort. It is decorated with old and amusing framed posters, and in the front window hangs a stained glass pane which casts a beautiful light through the dining area. The highlight of the decor is the extensive collection of unique shaped salt and pepper shakers which line the counter, and are fascinating to look at while waiting for your sandwich. You won't have to admire for long though, as the cooks at Sam's Place will generally have your meal done in no time at all.

Sam's Place also decorates with one other thing that is important to Peterborough: news of the surrounding area. On your way in (or out) of Sam's, you can grab one of several pamphlets which discuss everything from local events to environment impact reports that are informative and great to read if you are passionate about the Peterborough and Kawartha area. Sam's Place is run by people who care about Peterborough, for people who care about what they eat in Peterborough.

The appeal of Sam's Place doesn't just come from its friendly atmosphere however, but from the staff's knowledge that the people of Peterborough want a fresh, fully house-prepared sandwich that meets almost any standard. 

There are a plethora of house sandwiches for any picky eater, from the massive BBQ Beef Brisket pulled to perfection, to the aptly named Piggy with all the fixings. The menu is spiced up even further by the daily addition of a special sandwich that is posted to their Twitter feed so that anyone can find out and go down to Hunter St. These specials are usually gone by early afternoon however, because of the increasing demand for their sandwiches, and their smart use of marketing strategies.  

Meals cost between $7 to $13, with the latter price including a freshly prepared side and beverage to go with your sandwich. The side dishes range from baked beans cooked down with meat, to a potato salad that had one patron so enthused he told his mother that it was better than hers and made her travel from Kingston to sample the truth.

Whichever way you go, you won't leave Sam's Place Deli unsatisfied or with an empty stomach.  

—reviewed by PtboCanada's food columnist Matt Ferguson

PtboCanada's new food reviewer Matthew Ferguson has a passion for food and cooking. Matt's worked at several establishments in town, both cooking and managing in kitchens, and now plans to insight Peterborough to have the same love for food that he does. Follow him on Twitter @PtboFoodie.

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PtboCanada Review: The Bands At The Hootenanny On Hunter Put On A Show To Remember

It was a sight to behold, the downtown streets of Peterborough filled with fans out for a great line-up of live music. Hootenanny took over Hunter Street West for the better part of Saturday. It was a free concert featuring a who's who of indie Canadian rock darlings. The patios of the Hunter Street restaurant district were filled to capacity with music fans and revelers.

The day began with sets from a number of locals including Bear Trees, Levon, Rikers and Union City. Others on the bill included Elvyn and Express & Co., with the show taking a strange turn thanks to the musical shenanigans of Hamilton, Ontario's B.A. Johnston. It's clear after hearing and seeing B.A. both in clubs and now on an outdoor stage, his banter and original music work under any circumstance. He was at his hilarious best accompanied by his own electronic samples and acoustic guitar work. I am sure B.A. likely found some new fans on this day.

Cuff The Duke, Oshawa's alt/country/pop darlings, played a warmly received set, which was matched by TheWooden Sky performing Wooden Sky (see picture at right) who played right after—the later benefitting from a sun, sinking past the horizon, creating lovely light as a backdrop.

Next up were local darlings The Spades, who played a shortened set of favorites including an explosive cover of Fred Eaglesmith's "49 Tons Of Diesel Locomotive" as well as  their rollicking track "The Revenge of Johnny Laundry".

As the night drew to a close, just past 10 p.m., the sounds of Hollerado belting out Neil Young's "Rockin' In the Free Word" seemed to epitomize the day. This was a show to remember. Thanks to the Peterborough Downtown Business Association and the organizing committee for creating a reason to brings throngs of folks to the downtown on a lovely summer Saturday.

There was a lot of love passed out by the performers throughout the day, but the best moment was when Gavin Gardiner of the Wooden Sky called out local scenester Mike Duguay, calling him the unofficial Mayor of Peterborough. Organizers Ryan Kemp and Jonathan Hall both deserve kudos for the inspired curatorial and organizational work that went behind this show. Looking forward to more of the same in coming years.

[Text and pics by PtboCanada's Jeffrey Macklin]

[PtboPics: The Hootenanny]

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