PtboPics: Peterborough Roller Derby League Roll Into Second Practice

The Peterborough Roller Derby League held their second practice at the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre on Friday night, and PtboCanada was there. Things are starting to fall into place for the club thanks to a huge response from the women of Peterborough. A few possible logos have been sent their way (every team needs a great logo!), a website is in the works and the practices are well attended. Last week's first practice was about learning to fall properly while in practice No. 2, league founder Cindy Moffitt (aka "Lucid Lou" in the roller derby world) taught the women how to stop and where their centre of gravity should be. Men are still needed to sign up as referees for local games. If you would like to learn more, visit their Facebook group. Their first game will be July 9th. This league is going to be a hit!



[Words & pictures by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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