Flying In A Cessna Over Peterborough As Part of Women of Aviation Worldwide Week

The recent Women of Aviation Worldwide Week was an opportunity for women to be able to fly in a small aircraft who had never done so before. As soon as I heard that Peterborough was taking part, I knew instantly it was something I wanted to do. So on Saturday morning, I was so excited that I arrived at the Peterborough Airport well ahead of my 9 a.m. scheduled flight time.  

It was a dreary, cloudy day, and at first I wasn't sure whether we would even be able to fly. My nerves were kicking in as I signed the waiver—and pleasantly questioned my pilot, Hubert Wren, on his credentials.

We soon headed out to the tarmac, where Hubert assisted us getting settled and buckled into the four-seater Cessna. Hubert was great at explaining all the steps involved to prepare the aircraft for takeoff, and talking about what all the dials and buttons are for in the cockpit.


It wasn't long before we were zooming down the runway, and up we went. I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit over the years, but it was surreal to be in the front passenger seat of such a very small aircraft. My nerves began to ease, and I soon began to enjoy the sights below. We flew as far as Rice Lake for about a thirty minute flight in total. I was so grateful to have had this opportunity to see our city from this bird's-eye perspective.

In total, 51 women participated on Saturday in the flights from Peterborough Airport—there were three pilots who volunteered their time—and plans are already in the works for next year's Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, which takes place March 5 to 11.

[Words and Pictures by PtboCanada's Julie Morris]

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