Peterborough's Esther Doré Honoured For 50 Years Of Volunteer Service At Hospital

Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) is celebrating the countless contributions of their 500+ dedicated hospital volunteers, and that includes a very special milestone for PRHC volunteer Esther Doré, who was recognized for her 50 years of service.

Inspired by her mother, 83-year-old Esther began her volunteer journey at Peterborough Civic Hospital in 1968. Times were different then, she says, but the core reasons she enjoys volunteering remain the same.

“It’s the giving of yourself and meeting people,” says Esther. “God gave me the gift that I could listen and also chat. My greatest joy is meeting people and spreading the word for volunteerism.” 

Esther Doré (photo courtesy PRHC)

Esther Doré (photo courtesy PRHC)

Esther currently provides pastoral care at the hospital but has worn many volunteer hats over the years including planning hospital dances, organizing skits for clinical staff and taking trips to Toronto to procure items to sell at the hospital’s Gift Shop.

Esther embodies the spirit of volunteerism, PRHC says: “She is known as being funny, kind, compassionate, and the type of person you want to be around—especially when facing adversity.”

“Some people don’t have any family,” Esther adds. “Just being a good listener is so important to a lot of people. My advice is if you have spare time, it doesn’t matter whether it’s at the hospital or at hospice, just help someone. I’ve held a lot of hands through illnesses here. I’ve been truly blessed.”

For more information about volunteering at PRHC, click here.

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PTBOCanada Featured Video Post: Peterborough Humane Society Salutes Its 300+ Volunteers

PTBOCanada Featured Video Post: Peterborough Humane Society Salutes Its 300+ Volunteers

Sponsored video post by Peterborough Humane Society

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How The Peterborough Police Service Auxiliary Constable Program Works

The Peterborough Police Service has launched an Auxiliary Constable Recruitment Campaign

“The members of our Auxiliary Unit are an integral part of our Service,” says Inspector Neil Collins, Operations, Peterborough Police Service. “The enhancement these dedicated volunteers bring to our Service is phenomenal.”

Photo Courtesy Peterborough Police

Photo Courtesy Peterborough Police


-> The Auxiliary Unit, currently comprised of 18 constables, two Staff Sergeants and three Sergeants, is overseen by the Operations Division of the Peterborough Police Service. 

-> Each year members of the Unit volunteer thousands of hours to the communities of the City of Peterborough, the Ward of Lakefield and the Township of Cavan Monaghan. 

-> Auxiliary officers serve the community in a volunteer capacity. Most hold full-time jobs in completely unrelated fields, choosing to give back to the community by joining our Service.

Mail Attachment.jpeg


-> assisting at parades, special events and R.I.D.E programs
-> providing information on crime prevention and facilitating crime preventions programs such as the Homeguard Inspection Program
-> conducting car seat installations and working alongside frontline officers during regular police patrols
-> participating in charity events with police

Photo Courtesy Peterborough Police

Photo Courtesy Peterborough Police


-> Auxiliary members are selected on the basis of their ability to complete the training program and their availability for service throughout the year. Members must volunteer a minimum of 12 hours each month, attend regular in-service training sessions and commit to a two year volunteer term.

-> Initial training consist of classroom instruction, such as powers of arrest and criminal code, physical restraining methods and firearms qualification. Although auxiliary members are not issued firearms, they must be capable of handling a firearm in extraordinary or critical circumstances.

Photo Courtesy Peterborough Police

Photo Courtesy Peterborough Police

The Peterborough Police Service is hosting an Auxiliary Recruitment Information Session on Tuesday September 25th from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall (317 Hunter Street West). The closing date for applications is October 26, 2018. Learn more here.

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PTBOCanada Featured Post: The Summer Company Program For Young Entrepreneurs

Attention aspiring young entrepreneurs, the Summer Company program is back. The Summer Company program is a youth entrepreneurship program offered by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Trade, & Employment. Peterborough Economic Development has been proudly administrating the program in the Peterborough region for over a decade.

The program provides students aged 15 to 29 with the opportunity to open and operate their own summer business. Students are provided with funding, business training, and mentorship throughout the summer.

With respect to funding, successful applicants receive up to $1,500 to start their summer businesses. They are also eligible for up to a $1,500 award upon completion of the program. The business training portion of the program is provided through a series of workshops throughout the summer. Past workshop topics include: mastering social media; marketing and sales; managing business risk; networking; and taxation. The workshops are facilitated by local business professionals who are experts in their respective fields.

Students are also assigned volunteer mentors from within the community to provide them with support and guidance as they run their summer businesses. The mentors are business owners and professionals who understand the unique stresses and challenges that accompany running a small business. Students are often matched with a mentor in a similar industry. For example, past pairings include: a fire spinner with a full-time magician; a boat cleaner with one of the top 100 boat dealers in North America; as well as a promotional videographer with a media and marketing specialist.

In addition to funding, business training, and mentorship, the Summer Company program offers students several other competitive advantages. Firstly, students participate in the annual Summer Company Program Celebration otherwise known as Media Day. Media Day is an opportunity for the students to interact with local media and dignitaries and to promote their businesses. Several media outlets, including CHEX, Peterborough This Week, and the Peterborough Examiner, are invited to cover the event. Secondly, an article on each student and his/her business is featured on the Peterborough Economic Development website. Thirdly, Summer Company students have the opportunity to connect with other program participants and alumni. The annual Summer Company Training Day brings together participants from several different regions for a day of learning and networking.

Several students have been recommended for the program thus far. For example, Christina Kylie of Stellar Pixels plans to provide website design, re-design, and update services to small businesses in the community. Christina has noticed that many business owners allow their websites to go dormant by failing to regularly update their web content and security.

Christina was initially interested in the program because she is considering entrepreneurship as a career path and she wanted to gain practical work experience. Christina’s business is well aligned with her educational objectives. She is currently attending Durham College for web design. Christina can be reached at (705) 313-5563,, or @StellarPxStudio.

Students interested in the program can apply online here.

As part of their applications, students must complete a business plan, start-up budget, and cash flow forecast. The deadline for applications is May 23rd, 2014. However, students are strongly encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible as viable business plan are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Summer Company Coordinator Carrington Hickey is more than happy to answer any questions students may have and to walk students through the application process.

Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 3.11.37 PM.png

For more info on the program, contact Carrington Hickey, Summer Company Coordinator, at Peterborough Economic Development:
Phone: 705.743-0777, ext. 2124
Twitter: @PtboEcDev

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How It Works: Becoming A Blood Donor

There is always a need and a demand for blood donors. No matter what the season, the weather, the month of the year... someone, somewhere needs the gift of life. With the Sirens for Life campaign in full swing until September, PTBOCanada's Julie Morris wanted to give you a glimpse of the steps involved and how simple it really is to be a blood donor. If you've never donated before but have often been curious as to what is involved, we hope this encourages you to go ahead and make that appointment. Here's how it works...


Shelley will greet you upon arrival at the clinic (the Blood Donor clinic is located at 55 George Street North) and help get your appointment underway and book your next one!


The next step is to get a quick poke to check your hemoglobin level. In order to proceed with the process, your hemoglobin count must be 12.5 or above. Anything lower and you will not be able to donate that day. After this step, you will then make a stop at one of the booths to fill out the first part of the questionnaire. It you'd like, prior to your visit you can preview the Record of Donation online.



The remainder of the questions on the questionnaire are verbally asked to you when you continue on to one of the privacy rooms. In addition to the remainder of the questions, you will also have your blood pressure and temperature taken. Your blood pressure must be no lower than 90/50 and no higher than 180/100.  Your temperature must fall between 35.8 C and 37.5 C. Check out the Basic Eligibility for complete details. 


Tracey Hughes, who is a teacher at TASSS, in the middle of completing her 20th donation!  


Dan Mundell from the Peterborough Fire Department and Don Broersma from the Peterborough-Lakefield Police both enjoy some snacks after donating. One of the many long term volunteers of the clinic will offer you treats and juice after your donation is complete and if you're lucky maybe even an ice cream cone!



The Peterborough permanent blood clinic is located at 55 George Street North. They are open Tuesdays from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., Thursdays 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Fridays 8 a.m. to noon, and the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month from 8 a.m. to noon. You can check out their FAQs to answer any questions you might still have as you think about donating. 

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Julie Morris]

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About $75,000 Raised In 2013 MS Peterborough Walk

Just under $75,000 was raised at the MS Walk Sunday in Peterborough (May 26th) for programs and services for people living with Multiple Sclerosis and for research to find a cure for MS.

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61 Awesome Things About Peterborough In 2012

There was so much awesome about this city this year. In no particular order really, here's 61 of them (we had to cut if off somewhere)...

1. Peterborough Lakers winning the Mann Cup. Best in Canada baby!

2. Red Pashminas, which empower women locally and globally.

3. Trent's LipDub video, a great showcase for the university.

4. Doug Tilley's comedy, whether it's his "singing" or tweeting or... what's next Tilley?

5. Bandwagon episodes. Now in its 2nd season, which launched with Sloan.

6. Wild Rock celebrating 20 years in the downtown. And making the decision to stay in the downtown when they could have moved.

7. PMZ, Peterborough's TMZ celebrating local "celebrities".

8. I'd Rather Be In Peterborough tees. Community spirit.

9. Spanky's annual ping pong tourney for Movember. Spanky's offering a place to play ping pong in town.

"Call Me Maybe" 10. The city rallying behind a teenager's right to play basketball on his own driveway.

11. Philanthropy month in Peterborough showcasing all the people doing good in the community. #bethechangeptbo

12. The new downtown nightclub ARIA, which rivals Toronto's finest.

13. St. Peter's high school students dressing as superheroes during Head of the Trent regatta.

14. Peterborough Cycling Summit. Bike this city. Let's make it as bike friendly as possible.

15. Elton John concert, the one where he actually played Peterborough—not his cancelled one.

GPA EDC's Dan Taylor at Creative Cocktail16. The Peterborough Calendar Girls naked truth campaign raising awareness about the affordable housing shortage here.

17. Breakfast Television broadcasting live from Peterborough. Great coup for our city.

18. Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher at Gerti's. (We don't believe they had the polo sandwich, but it's excellent.)

19. Carly Rae Jepsen at Musicfest. Peterborough singing "Call Me Maybe".

20. Final photo of PCVS students and staff together. This city will never forget the impact this school had, and its legacy.

21. A canoe portage in downtown Peterborough.

22. The Taste of Downtown. So much great food down there. And great folk.

23. The Dragon Boat festival.

24. The Hootenanny on Hunter. It's a hoot.Mike Watt

25. The Gilmour Street Garage Sale. Epic as always.

26. Hunter Street, one of the best streets anywhere for food, drink, shops, live music, theatre, festivals, hot dogs, great vibe.

Rick Mercer at PCVS27. Maryam's Monsef's story about how a city and school saved her life.

28. Peterborough dog pictures.

29. Rick Mercer's Rant on PCVS.

30. Rick Mercer's visit to PCVS, in video and pictures.

31. Noah Leslie—aka @pennyboynoah, who raises money for the Salvation Army Toy Drive each year.

32. Pete Dalliday's unbelievable shot. Believe it.

33. Someone canoeing on a Peterborough street. Canoe Peterborough.

34. Koski.

35. The PeterTweeter awards. Twitter's where it's at. Amazing Twitter community in town. (Follow us here.)

36. Mike Watt's how-to plaid video. Hilarious.

37. Creative Cocktails—here's the one from Market Hall.

St. Peter's superheroes38. Jonny Trash DJing at Spanky's. Best DJ around.

39. The Peterborough web series Grimwell.

40. Petes Insider, giving us the inside goods on the Petes organization.

41. The excellent Canadian Canoe Museum. We're lucky to have it. And let's move it downtown by the waterfront.

42. Electric City Live, which covers the local music scene in Peterborough. Great name, great site.

43. The Art School of Peterborough. Creativity. Imagination.

44. Mike Judson, who went homeless on the streets of Peterborough for 48 hours to raise awareness about the problem here.

Silver Bean45. Peterborough Police for serving and protecting this community, and embracing social media by joining Twitter this year.

46. Rachel Seaman and Ashley Brzozowicz, who competed in the Olympics this summer (Ashley won a silver in her sport, rowing). The tees

47. Downtown Peterborough. Embrace it. Vital. Make it sustainable. Build a city from its core.

48. Silver Bean Café, beauty spot on the river.

49. Our friends at The Wolf and Kruz FM, huge supporters of Peterborough and us. And the always smiling Carol Edwards there, who lets us in through the out door.

50. Three Loonies, for Kawartha Food Share.

51. The return of the Wire Awards. Special night at Market Hall putting spotlight on amazing music scene in Peterborough—one of the best anywhere in Canada.

52. Gallery in the truck. A moving gallery. Great concept. Love it.

53. PtboFinds and PtboProps.

54. Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre.

55. The DBIA's new website by BrandHealth. Excellent.

56. Lois Tuffin, the news diva of Peterborough and the Kawarthas. Never shy about expressing her opinion.

57. Fleming's Student Volunteering Club, students with a sense of community pride.

58. Funny hashtags. E.g. 6,000 people went without power for a couple hours, and #ptboblackout began trending on Twitter in Peterborough. Sample tweet: "I wonder how many babies will be conceived during this blackout #ptboblackout" 

59. John Leacy's mural art around town. Gabby's wall, Spanky's wall and more.

60. Natas Cafe, the epicentre for Peterborough's amazing people.

61. All our readers and followers on Twitter and Facebook. You rock.

Here's to a great 2013!


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How To Land A Summer Job In Peterborough

Fleming student Victoria Forbes teaches dance lessons and runs a photography business to make summer earningsFor the hundreds of students who call Peterborough home, the daunting task of searching for a summer job often feels like an uphill battle. However, students losing hope shouldn’t give up because when armed with a little bit of creativity, knowledge of local resources, and a lot of effort, it becomes possible to win this battle and successfully gain a job.

What’s impressive about Peterborough is the large number of resources that exist to help students living in the city. Websites such as Employment Planning and Counselling and Peterborough Careers list a broad range of positions, many of which are temporary student jobs.

Yet with so many students living in the city, sometimes it takes more than just this knowledge to land an interview. Over the course of my own job search, I discovered that social media is a great tool for connecting locally and receiving leads on jobs. I sent out over ten tweets in which I tagged locals who specialize in the area I was looking for work (Communications), and I couldn’t be happier with the number of responses I received. No one had jobs available with their organizations, but many tweeters went out of their way to direct me to others companies and job postings that I may find helpful. Social media also helped me learn that tourism is extremely important to Peterborough and therefore businesses that benefit from tourism are extremely likely to hire seasonal help.

Another way I’ve learned to make local connections is through volunteer opportunities. I think many students (myself included!) expect to see job postings that are an exact match to their interests, skills, and education—oh how rare that is! While some people aren’t picky about summer opportunities, those that are hoping to eventually find work in their field should highly consider volunteering for organizations that interest them.

The beautiful thing about smaller cities like Peterborough is they have a great community feel, and local professionals are often more than happy to help a keen student looking for opportunities to grow. I’ve had many friends tell me that they’ve called and emailed people they would like to work for, and that as long as you demonstrate you’re passionate and carry yourself with courtesy and respect, you can gain some great advice and unpaid experience from these organizations.

Of course the ultimate goal is to gain employment with the organization, and maybe that will come the following summer, upon graduation, or maybe never. But the references, networking skills, and experience that can be gained through volunteering are greatly rewarding.

Occasionally, individuals try all the above strategies and are still stuck. It’s at this point that some students take matters into their own hands and use their education and passions to create their own job. This is what I’ve done for the past three summers. Having received a certificate in music from Humber College, I realized I’d be hard-pressed to find a summer job relative to my field in Peterborough, so I started teaching saxophone and piano lessons. While this has only been a side job for me, I’ve spoken to several other students over the years who rely on their entrepreneurial skills to make all of their summer earnings. Examples range from photography businesses to dance and music lessons.

The key takeaway is that living in a smaller city is not always a bad thing when it comes to the summer job hunt. Being able to get your name out relatively easily and talk to a variety of resources on a regular basis is a unique opportunity that Peterborough students should be proud to say they have.


Beth McClelland is a public relations student and music certificate graduate of Humber College in Toronto. She grew up in Peterborough and enjoys spending summers here with her family. Beth is passionate about innovations in social media, music performance and marketing, and community service opportunities.

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Here Are Pictures Of 4,595 Bras That Were Donated For Bras Around The Building

After nearly a month of collecting bras for "Bras Around The Building", today was the day where they would all be linked together and chained around the CHUM Kawarthas building on George Street. Firetrucks hoisted up the thousands of bras that were generously donated by the community in the campaign to help raise awareness about breast cancer. 4,595 bras were donated, meaning that OLG Slots—which said it would donate $1 for every bra collected—will be donating $4,595 to the Peterborough & District unit of the Canadian Cancer Society. Once the bras are cleaned now by both Rocky's and Kent Cleaners, they will then be donated to the YWCA for distribution.


[Related: Don't Forget To Donate Your Bras For A Great Cause]

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Julie Morris]

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$161,000 Raised At Local CIBC Run For The Cure Yesterday

920 participants and 42 teams locally raised more than $161,000 for this year's run.


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