Police To Target The Top 10 Intersections For Collisions In Peterborough As Part Of "Project Top 10"

From a Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service Media Release today...

Over the past several years, the traffic unit has conducted Project Lansdowne.
This project was initiated as Lansdowne St had 6 intersections in the top 10 for the for the most collisions.
This remained the same for 2008 and 2009.
In 2010 the results of the project began to take effect as Lansdowne St. had only 3 intersections in the top 10 for the most collisions.
Due to the success of Project Lansdowne it will be expanded in 2011 to target all the high collision intersections throughout the city.
It will be called Project "Top 10"
It will follow the same concept and have a plainclothes officer standing at these intersections and calling out offences to uniform officers waiting in the area.
The statistics for 2010 showed the following intersections were in the Top 10 for most number of collisions.
1 Clonsilla and Sherbrooke
2 Monaghan and Lansdowne
3 Clonsilla and Goodfellow
4 Water and Parkhill
5 Parkway and Lansdowne
6 High and Lansdowne
7 Parkhill and George
8 Rubidge and King
9 Chemong and Towerhill
10 Armour and Parkhill.
The Traffic unit kicked off Project "Top 10" on May 30th.
Three intersections were targeted.
Monaghan and Lansdowne
Clonsilla and Goodfellow
Parkway and Lansdowne.
Officers will not only be looking for vehicles running amber and red lights this year but will also be targeting seatbelts and drivers using cell phones.
18 charges were laid in the first day.
1 red light
5 amber lights
3 seatbelts
3 cell phones
6 other HTA charges.
This project will continue on various dates throughout the summer.
Fines for noted offences are:
Red light $325.00
Amber light $180.00
Seatbelt $240.00
Cell Phone $155.00


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