Mayor Bennett Asks City Council To Review KPR Decision To Close PCVS

In a media release that went out this afternoon after KPR's decision to approve the closure of PCVS, Mayor Daryl Bennett say he will seek City Council's approval to consider three actions:

• First, a review by City staff of the land use regulations affecting the PCVS site with a view to limiting its use to educational and community-based uses, and a review of its role in the implementation of the Central Area Master Plan.

• Second, an exploration of the merits of City support of an appeal to the Ontario Minister of Education of the Board decision by the Peterborough Collegiate Foundation, including the adequacy of the decision-making process.

• Third, consultation with MPP Jeff Leal to determine the provincial interest in the closure and its potential impact on the liveability of the downtown.

"The community has expressed substantial concern over the Board decision and the role of the City in protecting City-wide interests," says Bennett. "I would have recommended these actions had any of the four schools been proposed for closure."


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