Two New Shows Opened This Weekend At Art Gallery Of Peterborough & Artspace

Opening this past Friday evening were shows at Artspace and the Art Gallery of Peterborough. Artspace presents Are We There Yet, a group show, presenting with diverse work of Lauren Hall, Gareth Lichty and Sam Mogelonsky.

The large front space features a playful "rug" woven of garden hose. It's fun, plastic nature is a poke at our collected yerning for the perfect outdoor space. It's an interesting piece to walk around.

Also featured are interesting colourful channelled landscapes from Hall, who uses clear corregate and coloured powders to create "perfect sunsets" with parallel gradients of colour. Mogelonsky pieces these diverse works together with his neon title piece, "Wish You Were Here".

The show runs January 13th, 2012 to February 25th, 2012.   

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At The Art Gallery of Peterborough, opening on Friday evening was a range of work connected throughout the public spaces. Titled Steaming Alterity, this presentation brings together the diverse work of artists Rebecca Belmore, Natalie Wood, Christina Zeidler, Emelie Chhangur and Johanna Householder.

The work these women make draws from themes of activism, places, internal context and self within a wider world. Using photography, video, collage and physical still-life, an adventure awaits the visitor. Plan on being generous with your time here.

The show runs January 13th to March 4th.

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[Text and pic by PtboCanada's Jeffrey Macklin]

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