PTBOCanada Review & Pics: New Exhibition At Artspace Explores Mortality

We are all mortal. We have a beginning, a middle and an end. Montreal based artist Diane Gougeon captures this ephemeral notion within her work PFFUIT! A neutral grouping of helium filled balloons whose nature is that of ours, only in this case their destiny is compressed and we can witness this change over hours and days. The balloons read "We Are All Dead In The Long Run ;-) ". This is an exhibition worth lingering over. To be close to these floating sea of orbs is especially enlightening. Also, visit every couple days, even just to witness them through the wide windows from the street, as the balloons loose their umph and slowly descend to the floor. The show runs through March 31 at Artspace, 378 Aylmer Street North. Here's some pictures...

[Text and pics by PtboCanada's Jeffrey Macklin]

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Two New Shows Opened This Weekend At Art Gallery Of Peterborough & Artspace

Opening this past Friday evening were shows at Artspace and the Art Gallery of Peterborough. Artspace presents Are We There Yet, a group show, presenting with diverse work of Lauren Hall, Gareth Lichty and Sam Mogelonsky.

The large front space features a playful "rug" woven of garden hose. It's fun, plastic nature is a poke at our collected yerning for the perfect outdoor space. It's an interesting piece to walk around.

Also featured are interesting colourful channelled landscapes from Hall, who uses clear corregate and coloured powders to create "perfect sunsets" with parallel gradients of colour. Mogelonsky pieces these diverse works together with his neon title piece, "Wish You Were Here".

The show runs January 13th, 2012 to February 25th, 2012.   

See for more information.

At The Art Gallery of Peterborough, opening on Friday evening was a range of work connected throughout the public spaces. Titled Steaming Alterity, this presentation brings together the diverse work of artists Rebecca Belmore, Natalie Wood, Christina Zeidler, Emelie Chhangur and Johanna Householder.

The work these women make draws from themes of activism, places, internal context and self within a wider world. Using photography, video, collage and physical still-life, an adventure awaits the visitor. Plan on being generous with your time here.

The show runs January 13th to March 4th.

See for more information.

[Text and pic by PtboCanada's Jeffrey Macklin]

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PTBOCanada Review: Mashup & Group Photography Show At Artspace

Mashup, currently on display in the front room of Artspace, is a collab/co-mingle of art from two artists: Montreal artist Nadia Moss uses sculpture and drawing in a fun, creative way which plays out as a cross between street art and comic book art; and London, Ontario artist James Kirkpatrick uses interactivity as a basis in his sculpture. This is an excellent installation.

Also featured in the mudroom of Artspace is Exposure: A Group Photography Show from the Electric City Lodge. A wild cross-section of photo based art is displayed by some local artists you may recognize, and some who will be new to you: Jessica Melnik, Bradley Boyle, Eric McKibbon and Esther Vincent are just a portion of the folks who's wildly eclectic work are on display in this show. 


Both of these shows run until Friday, November 25th. That gives you a good two weeks to check it out. It's a fun look-see. Artspace is located at 378 Aylmer Street.

[Text and pics by PtboCanada's Jeffrey Macklin]

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"What Happens At Artspace Stays At Artspace" Fundraiser Is Saturday Night

With approximately 135 fabulous art pieces up for grabs, Artspace must be the place to be on Saturday night. This annual fundraiser, with the support of members and artists from the area, is a great chance to grab something original and striking, while also benefiting this awesome space.

Billed as "What Happens At Artspace Stays At Artspace", this night is always a blast to the spring scene, and Saturday night should be no different. Contributing artists include prints by George Rabb and Peter Barron, mixed media by Shannon Taylor, works in glass by Paul Oldham, and paintings by the likes of John Climenhage, Micky Renders and Lyall Brownlee.

Musical variety is on the agenda, as well as a roulette wheel which will be raffling prizes throughout the evening. Tickets are $100 for individuals (includes one artwork) or $150 for couples (includes one artwork) and are available from the Artspace website, or from the gallery.

The event kicks off at 7 p.m. and goes into the wee hours of the morning. Artspace is located at 378 Aylmer Street North, Unit 3. For more information, contact Artspace at 705-748-3883 or via email at

[Text and pic by PtboCanada's Jeffrey Macklin]

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PtboCanada Review: New Art Shows Open At Artspace And Cannery Art Centre

This past Friday night, two new art shows opened, in venues close together—a short walk on a cold January night that provided a sort of cleansing of the palette if you will. That cleansing was required as the shows, and the respective artists, could not have been more different. One was from the old guard of the Peterborough art scene, the other was a fresh new face.

Artspace hosted new photographic images from longtime local personality Micky Renders. Renders, who teaches art at Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School, usually creates in oils with a brush and had been doing so for 30 years. This show titled "Painting With Light" represented a new foray for the artist. This time, her choosen medium was photography, and the light captured through the lens over space and time. This show is worth a look as it's interesting to see artists we think we know stepping out of their safe space.

"Painting With Light" is open at Artspace until January 29th. Artspace is located at 378 Aylmer Street North.

Over at Cannery Art Centre, the upstairs gallery features new work from local artistic upstart Jamie Campbell and her show entitled "Don't Feed the Monsters - Boxed Monsters & Other Curiosities". Through stylized illustrations, whimsical colours and fun, quirky compositions (see pic below), Campbell is presenting an entire world of mythical creatures for us to wonder over.
This is art for everyone. It's welcoming. The technique is bold and your attention will be pulled from one piece to the next.

"Boxed Monsters" is open at the Cannery Art Centre until the end of the month of January. The Cannery is located at 168 Hunter Street West.

[Artspace; Micky Renders; Jamie Campbell]

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Jeffrey Macklin]

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Peterborough's Music & Arts Scene Rocks (Exhibit A: Bear Trees)

Bear Trees are a new local pop band, spreading their collective wings across the local music scene. The band is lead by Mike Duguay, a multifaceted scenester who seems to display an unending energy to explore all facets of his creativity. On any given night, you might find him and his band opening for any number of touring musical acts passing through town. Then again, you might find him taking the stage for a play or performance piece as part of a local, improvised theatre troop.

It’s people like Mike Duguay, and projects like Bear Trees, which are forever springing out of the local arts scene. The lush arts community we are blessed to witness here in Peterborough on a daily basis would be nothing without people like Duguay and dozens just like him.

This town is ripe with folks wanting to collaborate, organize, promote and spread the gospel of the talented folks who create here. Peterborough's vibrant arts scene is a known calling card across this country. This town has long been a draw for artists of all disciplines, bringing great music, leading edge visuals and dynamic performance to venues across the city.

Renowned painter David Bierk and a team of like minds put Peterborough on the visual arts map when they initiated Artspace in the mid-seventies. Artspace was and remains a cutting edge nest of creativity where local and touring visual ideas brew. Recently, the much lauded debut album by roots-centric band Evening Hymns was born from a series of recording sessions within those same art covered walls.

You needn’t look very hard to discover music in this town. The Peterborough Symphony Orchestra, choral groups, and singer-songwriters alongside punk and metal bands carry on a thriving existence here. Welcoming venues are peppered throughout the city, hosting live music on a nightly basis.

It’s this tangible, communal, supportive nature which benefits both the artists and performers as well as the audiences who have witnessed the spoils of this for decades.

--Jeffrey Macklin, PtboCanada contributor

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