Here's A Full List Of 2013 #Petertweeter Winners From Awards Show At ARIA

[UPDATE: And here's a bunch of great pics from the Photo Booth at the event.]

Peterborough, we saw your tweets last night. Thanks for voting our @Ptbo_Canada handle as "Best Local Media Source" and "Best Local Promoter". Here's a full list below of the winners...

Local News: @kawarthaNow

Photographer: @hazlewoodimages

Visual Creative: @BriGosselin

Writer: @carollawless

Local Promoter: @ptbo_canada

Live Performers: @thespades

Not for Profit: @red_pashmina

Sports/Fitness: @petedalliday

Peter Builder: @MaryamMonsef

Retail Business: @SLfurnitureco

Peter Feeder: @Sams_Place_Deli

Local Media Source: @ptbo_canada

Local Media Person: @chan_rahan

Peter Breeder: @sofawned

Twit Disturber: @jayboy_williams

Funniest Tweeter: @Jimtruswell

Peter Pair: @hazlewoodimages & @SLfurnitureco

Twitter Trendsetter: @Ash_street

PeterTweeter: @vanderherberg

[video from #Petertweeter Awards of co-hosts Dani Stover and Catherine Hanrahan via Vince Bierworth on YouTube]

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