Ming's Closed Again After Second Salmonella Contamination

[UPDATE: Word is Ming's has reopened again.]

MyKawartha.com reports that Ming's Sushi & Dimsum has been closed a second time within a few months due to Salmonella contamination found in recent food samples. Ming's was first closed in December due to 18 identified cases of Salmonella and later allowed to reopen on January 11th by the Health Unit. No word on when it will reopen this time.

Current sign in their window

 What is tested during an inspection? They are as follows...

  • Testing food samples
  • Testing food preparation surfaces and storage areas
  • Requiring the testing of all staff
  • Consultation, contact tracing and obtaining food histories from all cases
  • Ensuring all restaurant staff have received the Health Unit’s Food Handler Training course and are certified
  • Ensuring a cleaning and disinfection policy and procedure is in place and approved by the Health Unit

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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