Crowdsourcing A Haircut In Peterborough On Social Media


When it comes to deciding on where to get my haircut, I rarely stray. With a great local barber located less than a block away in my neighbourhood, all it takes is a quick walk and I’m in and out. No harm, no foul.

Recently, I was faced with an unexpected dilemma: my barber had taken holidays! And I needed a haircut bad.


Naturally, I turned to Twitter. Social media in Peterborough is always buzzing, and I thought if I sent out a quick tweet asking for suggestions, I might get a few replies. I wasn’t expecting much, but boy was I ever surprised when my mentions feed started to blow up! Within minutes, I had so many responses with people sending me names and salons that I just had to check out in the city.

This told me a few things. 1) We have an awesome city filled with a ridiculous amount of selection, and 2) I need to get out a little more. These shops were all locally owned and operated.


Just a few of the responses I received: Bloodline Parlor, Tonic, Henry’s Barber Shop, Kouture Hair Studio, and Salon 5thirty1. The best part about these shops are that they’re located within walking distance of each other!

With so much choice, it came down to personal preference because from what I can tell, each shop offers a unique atmosphere and style. No two places are alike, and they are all obviously doing quite well, because let’s face it: a haircut is something everyone needs at some point or another. You can only avoid the scissors for so long!

In the end, I ended up taking @jacksoncreek's advice and took my hair to the great chaps at Henry’s Barbershop to deal with. It had such a welcoming down to earth feel and I would recommend them to anyone.


This was a great first step in experiencing the world of haircutting outside of my safety net. I know I can’t be the only guy in this boat and suggest you all get out and try someone new!

Peterborough is filled with a lot of talented hair dressers, so what are you waiting for?

—By PtboCanada's Aaron Elliott

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