PTBOCanada Featured Post: Why Our Region Is So Unique When It Comes To Local Food & Agriculture

As we roll into this Thanksgiving weekend, it’s time to gather around the table with your nearest and dearest to celebrate with food and gratitude the special time of year that is harvest time in communities throughout Ontario (it’s also Ontario Agriculture Week by the way, what are the chances of that!?).

Part of what makes our region unique is that it’s rooted in its ties to local food and agriculture—and steeped in the tradition of small-town farming communities where people work together to build something great. As for the impact of food and agriculture on our local economy, the numbers speak for themselves:

-> Over 1,000 farms operating in Peterborough City & County (with more than 100,000 hectares of prime agricultural land) including several award-winning businesses—each with a personality all its own

-> 8 farmers’ markets take place throughout the region in peak season

-> Over 300 diverse dining establishments spread across the region—including chefs that came to this region for a fresh perspective and stayed for the fresher local products and connections to local producers

-> This region’s robust Food & Agriculture sector is the star of Peterborough Economic Development’s newest video celebrating key sectors of our local economy. You might recognize some of your farmers’ market and farm stand favourites in this great video below...

Make a local product the superstar of your feast for this year’s festivities. Here’s a quick list of ideas to help you get started...

1. Hard Winter Bread Co.

When you gather to break bread, those sitting around the table with you deserve the very best. Specializing in wood-fired sourdough, their baguette is a great addition to any spread.

2. Publican House Brewery

With six distinct styles, an awesome growler (a 1.9L glass jug) option and accessible retail store hours all weekend long, Thanksgiving is a great time to raise a glass of this local craft brew.

3. McLean Berry Farm

Take them on an adventure this Thanksgiving weekend at McLean’s Berry Farm’s Pumpkin Festival—pick up some sweet pumpkin decor (as well as maple syrup and jams “made with love”) while you’re there.

4. Circle Organics

Looking for some amazing vegetable options for your feast? Circle Organics has you covered with a selection of fresh, organic produce (farmers’ market).

5. Traynor Farms

A short jaunt from the City of Peterborough (on County Road 2, just east of Peterborough) offers something different for your Thanksgiving dinner—you can pick up beef, chicken, pork and farm-fresh veggies at their farm store and also at the Saturday Farmers' Market.

6. Harley Farm

This amazing Ontario SPCA certified farm is leading the way to the future with expertise in natural and sustainable farming practices. Their on-site store is a great place to pick up pork, beef and lamb raised with ethical treatment of animals in mind.

If you're interested in getting to know more about these producers, then check out Peterborough & the Kawarthas Tourism's "Meet the Producers" series here.

Our region’s producers also experience an amazing amount of support from our local food scene and our local chefs. Meet the Chefs of the Peterborough & the Kawarthas here

Happy Thanksgiving!

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