The Parking Meter Was Broken But Here's A Feel Good Peterborough Story

Musician/actress Kate Suhr posted this message and photo to her Facebook page below about a great experience she had in downtown Peterborough.

Kate suhr (Photo by Sam Gaetz)

Kate suhr (Photo by Sam Gaetz)

Suhr tells PTBOCanada she was compelled to post it to Facebook because it was such a genuine Peterborough moment:

"I was running late for a photoshoot with Jennifer Moher and the open parking spot I found at George and Hunter had a meter that was out of order," she tells PTBOCanada. "I decided to write a quick little note and left the money by the windshield.....silly, I realize.

I told Jen what I had done and she laughed so hard, both of us assuming the coins would be gone and I would have a ticket. Low and behold, hours later the money was still there and better yet—no ticket! I had a little giggle and couldn't believe it. Toronto is ruthless when it comes to parking, so this stunned me. I actually said out loud, 'I love this place.' Only in Peterborough."

True dat.

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