Parking In Peterborough Just Got Way Easier

The City of Peterborough is making metered/pay-and-display parking much more convenient with the launch of HotSpot’s pay-by-phone parking solution announced on Thursday (November 22nd).

Photo by Terry Guiel

Photo by Terry Guiel


HotSpot, a Canadian tech company, provides an affordable pay-for-membership mobile app that offers users convenient parking solutions including:

-> Notification when their paid time is close to expiring
-> The option to add more time up to the maximum for the space
-> The option to cancel their parking session early and be refunded for any unused time
-> Access to all metered/pay-and-display parking in Peterborough
-> Consistent service throughout the City of Peterborough and Trent University campuses.

“We are excited to bring this convenient option for Peterborough drivers,” says Mayor-Elect Diane Therrien. “Instead of digging for coins for the parking meter, they’ll now be able to use their smartphone to pay electronically.”

“We see many people who are shopping, getting a hair cut or eating a meal worry about a pending ticket, and those people being able to add a few more minutes with this app is going to be great for downtown businesses,” says Terry Guiel, Executive Director, DBIA. “It’s great to see the city embrace this technology.”

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How To Guide On Parking Regulations in City of Peterborough

The City of Peterborough has released a breakdown of its parking restrictions. Read them below (and remember, we’re just the messenger so don’t give us any infractions)…

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 1.12.33 PM.png

-> City-wide parking on streets with no meters – three-hour limit

The maximum time a vehicle can be parked on any City street with no meters is three hours. Additionally, many streets have further restrictions covering the times and dates when parking is permitted. Please read on-street parking signs carefully to determine if parking is permitted. If there is no sign, the three hour limit applies.

-> Downtown on-street parking – two-hour limit

Metered parking is provided on streets throughout downtown. On-street parking is intended for quick stops, usually less than an hour in length. The maximum stay at on-street metered spaces is two hours. Please respect these limits, as short term parking ensures that spaces are available for customers and visitors which, in turn, helps the downtown thrive. The rate for on-street parking is $1.25 per hour.

-> Parking for more than two hours, up to a full day

A map of municipal parking lots and both parking garages is online here. Lots and garages can be used for quick stops or longer visits. The rates are $1.50/hour or $10.50 maximum for all day parking at both Simcoe Street and King Street parking garages, with the first hour being free. Surface lots are $1.25/hour or $8.75 maximum for all day. All-day parking in surface lots is available at: Brock Lot, Chambers Lot, Reid Lot and the Del Crary Lot. 

-> Monthly parking passes 

Monthly parking passes are available at Simcoe Street Parking Garage, King Street Parkade, Rehill Lot and Del Crary Lot. Quantities are limited to ensure sufficient spaces are available for short-duration parking as well, so monthly passes occasionally sell out. Please call 705.742.7777 ext. 2763 to check availability.  

-> Additional restrictions

Additional parking restrictions are in place for the safety of motorists and pedestrians. For example, parking is restricted within proximity of Peterborough Transit stops, 18 metres in advance of or 30 metres beyond bus stops. A full list of infractions is available here.

-> Winter parking restrictions

Additional restrictions are in place from December 1st to April 1st annually to assist with winter road maintenance activities such as snow clearing and preventing ice buildup. Please visit here for details.

-> Parking infractions

Parking infractions in the City of Peterborough result in fines ranging from $25 for standard infractions such as “parked longer than maximum permitted period”, up to $300 for “parked in accessible parking space”. Details on parking infraction rates are online here.

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The Parking Meter Was Broken But Here's A Feel Good Peterborough Story

Musician/actress Kate Suhr posted this message and photo to her Facebook page below about a great experience she had in downtown Peterborough.

Kate suhr (Photo by Sam Gaetz)

Kate suhr (Photo by Sam Gaetz)

Suhr tells PTBOCanada she was compelled to post it to Facebook because it was such a genuine Peterborough moment:

"I was running late for a photoshoot with Jennifer Moher and the open parking spot I found at George and Hunter had a meter that was out of order," she tells PTBOCanada. "I decided to write a quick little note and left the money by the windshield.....silly, I realize.

I told Jen what I had done and she laughed so hard, both of us assuming the coins would be gone and I would have a ticket. Low and behold, hours later the money was still there and better yet—no ticket! I had a little giggle and couldn't believe it. Toronto is ruthless when it comes to parking, so this stunned me. I actually said out loud, 'I love this place.' Only in Peterborough."

True dat.

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Would It Curb Your Enthusiasm If City of Peterborough Banned Parking On Front Lawns?

It's a possible bylaw that everyone in Peterborough is talking about: should people be allowed to park their vehicles on their front lawn?

Peterborough city council is considering such a bylaw in the coming months—only after public input—that could make parking on front lawns illegal in the city.

Some people just don't always have room on their driveway for their vehicles—or have guests with cars—and choose to park one or two on the lawn to make room.

Other municipalities have similar bylaws to the one Peterborough council is considering.

So what do you think? Do you think people should be ticketed for parking on their front lawn? Or would it curb your enthusiasm if such a bylaw were implemented? Tell us on Facebook.

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Dude, Where's My Car? 7 Things You Need To Know About Winter Parking Restrictions



Winter parking restrictions are now in effect in Peterborough. Here is what you need to know:

1. These restrictions are in place to assist snow-clearing operations.

2. From December 1st to April 1st each year, parking is prohibited on all City streets from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. This allows better snow clearing of City streets at a lower cost because equipment will not have to return to clear areas where vehicles were parked. The fine for a violation is $15.

3. During a snowstorm, when snow-clearing is underway, no stopping is permitted on any city street. Snow-clearing operations typically take place between midnight and 8:00 a.m. The fine is $80 for this violation and the vehicle will be towed.

4. If your car is towed, all vehicles north of Parkhill Road will be towed to Milroy Park located at 242 Milroy Drive, with all other vehicles being towed to Morrow Park located at 171 Lansdowne St. W. After 24 hours, all unclaimed vehicles will be towed to an impound yard at the owners expense.



5. Free overnight parking is permitted at all municipal parking lots, King Street Parkade and Simcoe Parking Garage. Vehicles parked overnight at either parking garage can obtain a gate-arm ticket upon entry to the garage to be used for a free transit trip home.

6. Parking is normally permitted throughout the day and evening during snowy weather. Only in an extreme weather event would a public service announcement be initiated to remove vehicles from city streets during the day or evening.

7. Residents are reminded that there is no parking any time of the year on city streets for longer than 3 hours, except where a sign indicates otherwise.

For more information, call the Parking Division at 705-742-7777 ext. 2802.

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