This One Is For Dougie

Doug—aka "Dougie"—has been a staple in downtown Peterborough for many years, a kind and generous homeless man who has endeared himself to so many adults and children with his smile, kindness and gentle manners.

Which is why a Facebook post by Peterborough's Samuel Milne resonated with so many who know of and love Dougie. In the May 29th post, Milne said, "Yesterday I ran into some luck. So I thought I would pay it forward and give Doug some luck too. This guy is an absolute beauty and makes me smile everytime I see him I hope he enjoys his 50$."

This was the post that is getting hundreds of shares...

Milne tells PTBOCanada what prompted his kind gesture:

Samuel Milne

Samuel Milne

"My whole family grew up in Peterborough and for the last 14 years I have always seen Doug around town asking for change. I have just always wished I could do more for him and others in his situation. So I have been really thinking of ways to help out more and get others to do the same.

The day I gave Doug the money, I had received a large amount of money myself that I wasn't expecting and I was in the best mood ever. So when I saw Doug at the corner with a big smile on his face, I thought, I'm going to make Doug have an awesome day, too! I shared the picture on Facebook to maybe spark some more people to do the same type of things around Peterborough and help out the community!"

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