Here Is A Map To All The Parking Available In Downtown Peterborough

If anyone tells you there is no parking in our downtown, well you just show them this map below. If you can't get street parking, there is plenty of off-street parking lots and garages!


[via DBIA]

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You Have 2 Hours Free Parking During Holiday Season Downtown

Thanks to the DBIA and the City of Peterborough, our little annual holiday treat of 2 hours of free parking is now in effect downtown. Any money that is put in the meters will be donated to local charities. Be sure to shop local this holiday season in our amazing downtown.

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Julie Morris]

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This Has To Be One Of The Worst Parking Jobs In Downtown Peterborough Ever

This happened yesterday. Apparently the driver was trying to park but hit the accelerator instead. Oops.

photos via PTBOCanada contributor Maryam Monsef.

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