The Downtown Shuffle

Hunter St.

Hunter St.

The business area pictured above just off Hunter Street is going to be a hopping spot over the next while with businesses on the move!

Old Wine Shoppe location

Old Wine Shoppe location

BE Catering is moving from 188 Hunter to the old Wine Shoppe location at 356 Charlotte Street, and is slated to open this Fall.

Birchbark Media is moving from the Charlotte Mews to the old Burrow location when Burrow moves to 242 Hunter Street.

Glow Maternity will be moving in November from their current location into the BE Catering space. This will allow Glow to grow its retail presence, be more accessible to the public, and still maintain their popular studio space for courses and workshops for expectant families in the Peterborough area.

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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Burrow Will Be Moving To A New Location On Hunter

Site of new location

Site of new location

Burrow's current location 188 Hunter St. W.

Burrow's current location 188 Hunter St. W.

Downtown home furnishing store Burrow will be moving to a new location at 242 Hunter Street once the building has completed construction.

"I am so excited about the new location of the store. The building is currently being built and is moving along nicely, when you're downtown stop by and have a look. It's going to be bright, shiny and new. We're in the midst of designing the space and picking finishes which is ultra fun. Keep you all posted on the progress but the move will happen this summer - most likely July. Thanks to everyone for their support over the last year and a half+ to make this move possible. Lots of exciting things in Burrow's future."  —Burrow owner Megan Currie

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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Local Gift Under $25 For The Home Owner


Stumped as to what to buy this year? Here is a local gift for under $25 for the Home Owner. Stop in at Burrow (located at 7-188 Hunter Street West) and pick up one of the Paul Coconut Hooks. They are available in different fun shapes and styles, and funky enough to match who you are buying it for!

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DBIA Featured Post: Burrow


If you’re looking for unique gift ideas this holiday season, one of downtown Peterborough’s newest shops is a must visit. Burrow, located at 188 Hunter St W (Unit 7— just off of the Municipal Parking Lot), is a refreshingly unique home décor shop locally owned and operated by Megan Currie.

Set up in the extremely hip Café District of our downtown, the shop is at first a bit hard to find, but once discovered will not fade from your memory. Opened just over three months ago, it has been making waves as a go-to destination for amazing gift ideas for various occasions.

What seems like a small shop upon its initial discovery is in fact a surprisingly large well laid out setting that's absolutely filled with an incredible selection of home décor items. The main focus of the store is on accent pieces to enhance a look you already have going. Burrow carries a wide array of throw pillows, artwork, frames, vases, area rugs, wall decals, and blankets to name a few. That list literally does not do the store justice!

photo 1.JPG

Megan has a keen eye for truly beautiful and exclusive pieces, and stocks her store accordingly. From floor to ceiling, you’ll find many one of a kind items that just aren’t available at your average run of the mill home décor big box chain. Her vision for these pieces allows for people to create their own sense of style that when combined can really blow people away!

Burrow is one of the most aesthetically pleasing stores you’ll ever discover. Along with the many smaller items in the shop, it offers quite a few larger one of a kind items as well, including benches, coffee tables, chairs and even dining room tables. Many of these items and the smaller ones have local connections to them which are a focus that Megan has in promoting her community. On top of all of this, she has created a really great baby/kids section with sheets, bedding, toys, and quilts available.

photo 4.JPG

Gearing up for the holiday season, Megan has a focus on Christmas items that include ornaments, table settings, candles, and various decorations right down to really cool wine stoppers and jewelry. Megan absolutely adores downtown and the area she feels she was fortunate enough to open up in. She had the idea to open a shop years before and finally made the leap into the business world ending up finding great neighbours and landlords to deal with. She loves the uniqueness that those around her have that creates an inspiring atmosphere to come and work in every day.


Being born and raised in Peterborough, Megan has an appreciation for her community and likes to stay involved. She has donated to quite a few local charities and organizations including the Art School of Ptbo and Movember.

If you’re looking for some great gift ideas for the holiday season or any occasion for that matter, we suggest you discover Burrow if you haven’t already. We know you’ll be happy you did!

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 8.00.07 PM.png

For more on Burrow (188 Hunter St W), go to:
Facebook: BurrowHome
Twitter: @BurrowHome
Phone: 705.749.6778

For more on Downtown Peterborough and the Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA), click here.

By Aaron Elliott

PTBOPics: Burrow For The Modern Home Opens Downtown

Megan Currie has opened up a modern home store downtown just off Hunter Street West at 188 Hunter Street West.

Burrow offers unique home decor and gift items that really stand out. Megan said she was drawn to handmade items and things made of natural materials. 

Profiles are being added to some of the items such as dipped kitchen wear that offered an anti-skid coating. These backgrounds give you a bit of a brief story about the person who created it and where they are from. Megan says she tries to source her items from within North America but also offers a few unique items from around the World.

Consider stopping in for housewarming or wedding gifts. Burrow will be hosting an official Grand Opening later in September.

Follow Burrow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Get in touch with Burrow at (705) 749-6778 or via email.


[Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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