The Silver Bean Has A Beach Right Now

picture via @sky_lisette

picture via @sky_lisette

It's not permanent, but nonetheless neat stuff at The Silver Beach, er, Bean right now.

"Crazy, eh? We have a beach!," Silver Bean owner Andrea VanDerHerberg tells PTBOCanada. "It has happened other years as well. They bring the water level really low because they'll let a lot more water in soon and believe it or not it might still flood."

[UPDATE: It seems the beach is now gone already, as the water has risen several feet.]

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Think You Can Scottish Country Dance? The Peterborough Scottish Country Dance Society Are Looking For New Members

Recently while sipping coffee at the Silver Bean, I noticed some dancing taking place and was curious to learn more. Turns out this group are part of the Peterborough Scottish Country Dance Society. They are resuming classes again for both experienced dancers and beginners starting in September. Check out their website for further details on how to join.

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Julie Morris]

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