Watch The Latest Trailer For The Peterborough Music Documentary "The Radius Project"

The long awaited documentary The Radius Project on how Peterborough's music scene has created so many international stars is getting closer to completion, its producers Michael Hurcomb and Ryan Lalonde tell PTBOCanada.

"We don't have a release date in mind yet, but we're planning on finishing shooting this summer," Lalonde tells PTBOCanada.

Lonely Parade

Lonely Parade

The Radius Project was born out of a simple question: “So which famous people would I know from your hometown?” The hometown in question was Peterborough and the answer was endless.

The Radius Project looks at the wealth of musicians that came from the radius around Peterborough and went on to national and international acclaim. A short list of people that grew up or relocated to the area are Serena Ryder, Royal Wood, Three Days Grace, Thousand Foot Krutch, The Silver Hearts, Ronnie Hawkins, The Leahys, producers Greg and Rob Wells, The Burning Hell and many more.

Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace

The documentary features an interview with Strombo, and a snippet of that is included in the trailer below...

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A Powerful Short Film Has Been Made About The Peterborough Mosque

Peterborough-based filmmaker Matthew Hayes has made a powerful short film, "The Masjid", about the aftermath of the Peterborough Mosque arson hate crime that occured November 14th, 2015.

The community support—both financial and emotional—was amazing, and the story went viral around the world about how the city came together to show solidarity with the mosque. To show how inclusive we really are.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau—who visited the mosque earlier this year—lamented the attack, but praised the community’s and country's reaction to it: $110,000 was crowdfunded for the mosque in less than two days.

This film conveys the story of what happened in subsequent months, and how the mosque in turn gave back to the community.

Watch it below...

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Nourish Peterborough Documentary Raises Awareness About Need For Food In Community

Nourish Peterborough has a documentary to raise awareness around the need for food for so many in our community, and the organizations and food programs that are available to help out. The doc brings focus to ten of the organizations and community groups who advocate for food security within Peterborough, and addresses the need for healthy food for those living in poverty. You can rent the film free of charge at Have You Seen. I highly recommend it as it opened my eyes to how many are in need of assistance within our community and how many are here to offer help—including the likes of Our Space, Food Not Bombs, Collective Kitchens, YWCA and The Peterborough Gleaning Program. Watch the trailer below:


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