Peterborough Coach Pulls His Team Off Ice After Racial Slur Made Against His Player

[UPDATED] And get this—Greg Walsh, the brave coach who stood up for his player who was the victim of the racial slur in the November 15th game, is indefinitely suspended after having his minor league hockey team walk off the ice in a unified protest. It seems under Hockey Canada rules, a forfeit (a "refusing to start play") means an automatic indefinite suspension for the coach, who could be barred from coaching for up to a year.

The player who made the racial slur? Well he got a three-game suspension and was told to write a letter of apology. The letter of apology still has not been delivered, and the offending player is back on the ice.

How ridiculous is this situation? The coach's suspension should have been overturned immediately by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA), which is now investigating the matter. And the league—all leagues—should have a zero-tolerance policy against racism.

Have a look for yourself. Watch the segment below from CHEX Newswatch:


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