Why Peterborough Roller Derby Can't Find A Venue To Play In City (And More News On This Growing Sport)

The Peterborough Roller Derby, run by Lucid Lou, has two teams, a logo (and website in development), a trailer, and the momentum of many in the city behind it. It is an empowering sport for women.

What the Peterborough Roller Derby still doesn't have is a place to play in Peterborough. We inquired with Mayor Bennett about this matter recently, and the mayor, who is aware of this new league, put us on to Ken Doherty, who is Director, Community Services Department. We asked Ken why this league is having so much trouble securing a venue to play in Peterborough, and his response was this: "Staff have advised that there just is no time available in our arenas during peak times. They're at 97% occupancy. We have encouraged Lucid to see if the Knights of Columbus Bowl on Park could meet her short term need. We have also invited her to present to the next Arenas Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee."

So for now, there is still no home for the Peterborough Roller Derby in the city—Lucid told us recently that they will play out of Douro/Dummer arena on Hwy 28. But she does still hope to find a place to play in the city. In Toronto, she is in the final stages of setting up a Junior Roller Derby program through the City of Toronto, which will be creating a space for girls 9 to 18 to learn about Roller Derby and "sportswomenship". Lucid would love to work with the City of Peterborough to set up a similar program here for this growing sport, and has now advised them as such.

Also, Peterborough Roller Derby has a fundraiser on May 7 at the Red Dog, starting at 8 pm, where they will have prizes, an auction and bands—though Lucid tells us they are looking for another band for the fundraiser. We will "pay in beer and pizza!" she says. For more info, contact her here.

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