Five Counties Children's Centre Chosen As Recipient Of Tim Horton's Smile Cookie Campaign

Five Counties Children’s Centre—which is dedicated to supporting children and youth with physical, developmental and communications needs—has been chosen as the recipient of the Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie campaign this year.

The campaign runs at participating locations from September 16th to 22nd, and the Centre is hoping that supporters will help Five Counties kids during the campaign by participating. 

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-> Go to any Peterborough, Lakefield or Bridgenorth Tim Horton’s location and purchase some Smile Cookies! 

-> You can place your order ahead of time for your workplace, club or get together (go here for an electronic form), or stop by you nearest Tim Hortons location.

-> Put up the information poster in your office, staff room or place of business to let your co-workers and the community know how they can help.

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100 Women Peterborough Just Raised $10,000 In Under An Hour For Five Counties Children’s Centre

On Tuesday (June 18th), the 100 Women Peterborough group raised more than $10,000 in under one hour for Five Counties Children’s Centre.

Adam White, Chair of the Five Counties Board, and their 15-year-old client, Rebecca Jordan, presented on behalf of the organization to the women at their meeting held at the Innovation Cluster. Five Counties Children’s Centre was selected to receive the donations by a majority vote that evening. (Also presenting to the group were Peterborough Butterfly Run and the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra.)

Photo courtesy 100 Women Peterborough

Photo courtesy 100 Women Peterborough

“A huge thank you to 100 Women Peterborough for their thoughtfulness and generous gift, your donation will make a difference in the lives of the children that will be able to receive service sooner,” says Adam White. “Because they can get this service sooner, it’s going to make a huge difference in their development, lives and in the way they can chase their dreams.”

Five Counties Children’s Centre provides therapy services at no cost to families that assist children who are delayed in their development to develop the skills they need in everyday life such a walking, talking, and activities of daily living. A non-profit organization, Five Counties Children’s Centre is primarily funded by The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services and the City of Peterborough.

Catia Skinner and Rosalea Terry from 100 Women Peterborough

Catia Skinner and Rosalea Terry from 100 Women Peterborough

“Thank you on behalf of the other children,” says 15-year-old Rebecca Jordan, who moved to Peterborough to access the life changing services of Five Counties Children’s Centre. “I have benefitted from Five Counties Children’s Centre so the opportunity for more children to have the opportunity is something that I’m excited about because I know how it has impacted my life and how it will change someone else's.”

The contribution from 100 Women Peterborough will fund the Centre to work with 12 children who would have otherwise not been able to receive support this year. One hundred percent of the funds raised by 100 Women Peterborough are donated to four non-profit organizations determined by the membership throughout the year.

Women that are interested in joining the group are encouraged to reach out via the website here.

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Lansdowne Place's Summer Classic Drive-In Night Is July 22 With Proceeds To Five Counties

Lansdowne Place is turning its parking lot into a giant drive-in theatre for a great cause! On Friday, July 22nd, they are showing Paddington Bear in their parking lot, and all proceeds from ticket sales will go to Five Counties Children's Centre.

"For over 40 years, Five Counties has provided essential services for the children and youth in our community and we’re delighted to support their amazing work,” says Emily Dart, Marketing Manager at Lansdowne Place

For more info on this great event for parents and kids including how to get wristbands, click here. See the poster below for further deets...

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Rob Fisher Is Cutting Off All His Hair To Raise Money For Five Counties Children's Centre

UPDATE: May 26th, 2016 -> $8,620 was raised for Five Counties Children's Centre through this campaign. Amazing!! Below are some pictures from the hair cutting...



Rob Fisher, co-owner of Ashburnham Realty (and brother of NHL player Mike Fisher) and his wife, Kelly Fisher, owner of Kouture Hair Studios, are parents to two beautiful boys.

Rob has been growing out his locks since 2014, and has decided to cut it all off for a great cause—Five Counties Children's Centre in Peterborough, where each of his boys has received support.

Rob and Kelly Fisher

Rob and Kelly Fisher

A GoFundMe fundraising page has been launched and all the donations to get Rob to cut his hair will go to Five Counties Children's Centre, which helps kids with physical, communication and developmental problems.

Give what you can here for this great cause—the Fishers' goal is to raise $2,000 but let's raise way more than that—and spread the word on your social media channels.

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Strutt 4 Kids Fashion Show Fundraiser In Support Of Five Counties Children's Centre This Thursday

All the fashion houses in downtown wil be part of the Five Counties Children's Centre Fundraiser "Strutt 4 Kids" this Thursday (October 13) starting at 6:30 p.m at The Venue. Tickets are available for purchase at any of the participating stores (see poster below). It will be a fun evening in support of a great cause—musical entertainment includes Beau Dixon—and make sure to dress up, as formal attire is required.

[Strutt 4 Kids]

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