Video: Fashion Show Raises Money For PRHC's "Closer Campaign"

More money was raised on Saturday night to help build a new cancer radiation treatment centre at our hospital at a fun fashion show in Lakefield for the Closer campaign.

[chextvDOTcom; Closer to Care: A Comprehensive Cancer Treatment Centre]

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PtboCanada Exclusive: A Day In The Life Of An ER Doctor at PRHC

PRHC Recently PtboCanada went behind the scenes at PRHC’s Emergency Department. Most of us have been there at one time or another as patients or to assist sick family members. But what’s it like for the doctors who work there? More importantly, while we wait, what are they doing back there? Turns out, seeing about 200 patients a day and dealing with a myriad of sick people. Thanks to Dr. Tony Jeffery, the ED staff, and his patients for letting PtboCanada photograph him on a shift and for keeping notes on his day for us.
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