8 Local People, Animals & Ideas To Dress Up As For Halloween

1. Petes player. This should be easy in our sports mad city! If you don’t own one already, borrow someone’s jersey and throw it over some sweaty old equipment. Skip the skates! That might be awkward. (Alternatively, dress up as a Peterborough Laker!)

Petes player.jpg

2. Porsche and Ferrari, the Peterborough sloths. This is a tandem gig, and will make for a really slow night if you go trick or treating in true character.




3. Mike Judson. Try on one of dad’s big suits to make yourself look taller. Extra points if you add the famous Judson facial hair, and bring a green screen background. Better for taller kids!


4. Bobby Roode. If you have spandex and a wrestling championship belt, then you’ve got yourself a costume. It might be a cold night though! Borrow your mom's bathrobe and be-dazzle it for the full effect.


5. David Koski. Four words. Spanky's co-owner. Zach Galifianakis.



Koski, er, Zach

Koski, er, Zach


6. Lift Lock. If you can pull this one off with functioning hydraulics, you win! But if it malfunctions, it might go viral!

Pete and Catherine.jpg

7. Catherine Hanrahan & Pete Dalliday. For Pete, you’ll want some glasses, spiked hair, an “I’d Rather be in Peterborough” tee and a microphone. For Catherine, you have to be shorter! And have bangs!

8. The Douro Elk. A brown shirt, brown pair of pants, and a couple of fallen sticks from your tree makes this a pretty easy and currently trending costume! Extra points if you bring along a couple people dressed as cows.


 —by PTBOCanada's Aaron Elliott

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Fore! Man Arrested For Hitting Golf Balls Across Trent Severn Waterway Into Someone's Backyard

From a Peterborough Police release...

Screen shot 2011-08-18 at 7.22.05 AM.png

On July 20, 2013 the accused was hitting golf balls from the backyard of a Wilson Street residence across the Trent Severn Waterway and landing in a backyard of a River Road South residence.  One of the golf balls hit and damaged a piece of patio furniture.  The victim’s had to move from their back yard into their residence in fear of being struck by one of the golf balls.  Police were notified and attended.  The accused has been warned prior by police for the same actions.  As a result of the investigation, Richard Alvarez, 37 of Lock Street, was arrested and charged with mischief under $5000.  He was released from custody and will appear in court on August 15, 2013.

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Watch: Pilot Episode For New Peterborough Comic Web Series "Jobless"

[UPDATE, Monday, June 17th] Watch a behind-the-scenes update on the new web series Jobless below and the success of their pilot episode:



With the unemployment rate in Peterborough hovering around a miserable 12 percent, a timely new comic YouTube series has been launched called Jobless. Created by Mike Moring and Adam Martignetti, and showcasing local actors filmed at locations throughout the city, the plotline is this: Two clueless/utterly unemployable twentysomething dudes strive to make ends meet by any means necessary in Peterborough. Brilliant concept. Now this series has great potential on many levels—at the very least, it shines another light on the huge problem we have in the community with young people finding any jobs—and who knows, could totally take off and create a few jobs/source of income in the entertainment industry. Watch the first episode of Jobless below; it's fun, self-deprecating stuff.

[YouTube; Facebook]

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Man Breaks Into Cottage, Moves In, Then Makes Escape In Stolen Canoe

From an OPP release today...

(Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Twp., ON) – At approximately 1:30 A.M. Provincial Police responded to a Break-In to a seasonal residence on Fire Route 93A north of the Village of Havelock.
The victim notified police that an unknown male had gained entry to his cottage and was residing there without his permission. Attending officers entered the now unlocked residence and during a search of the interior located clothing and a passport not for any of the known cottage residents. Police searched the exterior of the building but failed to locate the perpetrator.

Further information revealed that the suspect had fled the cottage in a stolen canoe.
At approximately 6:24 P.M. a male matching the suspect’s description was located by police walking west on Highway 7 toward Norwood from Havelock and subsequently arrested.
The suspect, Alexander Giuseppe CAMPAGNARO age 35 years of No Fixed Address has been charged for Break and Enter with Intent and Theft under $5000.
COMPAGNARO was held in custody and is scheduled to appear at the Provincial Courts in Peterborough on Thursday May 16, 2013 for a Bail Hearing.


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Check Out Peterborough & The Kawarthas 2013 Experience Magazine

You can pick up your copy (or send one to a friend) of the 2013 Peterborough & The Kawarthas 2013 Experience Magazine. Available for free at the Visitor Centre, the mag showcases events, places and activities to take part in locally. It is a great publication to promote tourism here in the area.

[Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]

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Breaking News: The World Still Exists & Peterborough Still Rocks

Morning Peterborough, the world has not ended. And Peterborough still totally rocks! It is a little snowy out though. So city, carry on but drive safe. And head on down to The Wolf's Gift of Christmas with Brian Ellis and Dani Stover at the Historic Red Dog.

Bring it...

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Here Are Cavemen On The Island At The Zoo

We are not sure what to make of this. At least they're not zombies.


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