Dani Stover & Catherine Hanrahan Host YouTube Series "Basic Girls' Guide"

Peterborough's Dani Stover and Catherine Hanrahan are hosts of a sassy DIY YouTube series called Basic Girls' Guide that teaches you fun, easy ways to do projects around the house.

Recent episodes include "DIY Chalkboard Fridge", "DIY Slip Cover" and "DIY Faux Upholstery".

It's practical home decor tips like you've never seen it—like a Pinterest board but with great comedy. Have a watch below of some recent shows...

You can find more episodes here. Tweet them your projects using the hashtag #BasicGirlsGuide.

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Here's Dani Stover Driving Around Peterborough On A Stormy Night With The Strumbellas

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Dani Stover's New Morning Partner At The Wolf Is Brian Ellis

Ellis replaces TJ Connors, who left for a job out west.


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Here's Pics Of The Wolf & Kruz FM DJs Rocking PTBOCanada Toques For Movember Rain

PTBOCanada will be giving $1 out of every sale of our PTBOCanada toques in November to The Wolf's "Movember Rain" campaign for Movember. So buy a toque to keep you warm, show pride in your city and support a great cause!

Dani Stover

TJ Connors

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Vince Bierworth

Catherine Hanrahan

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