If You Have A Dream, Go For It: Exhibit A The Wolf's Steve Kearns

Photo via @Mr_Kearnsy on Twitter

Photo via @Mr_Kearnsy on Twitter

The Wolf's Steve Kearns—aka "Kearnsy”—wrote a Facebook post today (October 29th) to mark his 4 year anniversary with the radio station. It's funny, inspiring stuff. Have a read of it below in its entirety and always keep your dream alive—whatever it is...

4 years ago is the day that changed my life forever!
4 years to the day, I first walked into the Wolf studios!
I had sent the Program Director at least a dozen emails, left 3 or 4 voicemails, saying I was a college kid that needed to interview a boss of a radio station... All of these messages were met with no reply.
Never being defeated, I figured if I waited till noon, I might catch him at his desk eating lunch!
I made one more phone call at exactly 12:15!
Low and behold the receptionist said "Why yes he is, I'll put you through to his desk!"
I finally Had him on the line! After a brief back and forth over the phone and him seeming none too enthusiastic about this meeting, He said "I've got ten minutes, coming up in ten minutes—when can you be here?"
I came back immediately with "8 minutes!"
I hopped in my beat up honda civic and burned it to King & George!
Once inside the Wolf, I sat in a very small office with no windows, on an odd small red couch, across from Fred (from Humble & Fred) Patterson!
I'd never been more intimidated in my life, by such a small man!
We talked for 20mins, I explained I had been working in go nowhere Fast factory jobs for 10+ years and I was looking to get into radio cause it seemed fun and all my last jobs SUCKED! And I told him I didn't want to die in a factory like my dad.
I made some jokes, got him laughing, kissed his ass as much as I possibly could!
Then a guy named Carey (who I think still had hair at the time!) and just as he seems to do almost every time I sit in that office, to this day, popped his head into Fred's office saying, "Excuse me for interrupting, I just need a second!"
Fred introduced me to Carey and It seemed as though our meeting was over and work had to continue for poor ol'Feddy!
But then as what only seemed like brilliant way for Fred to avoid working for longer, Fred took me on a tour of the station, introducing me to everyone!
I never even got to ask him any of the fake interview questions I had!
We walked around the station! I met Brian Ellis, the then afternoon guy, sitting at his desk!
I was dressed all in black, with a black Leather coat, with a long goatee! Brian looked at me like I was the terminator sent back in time to ether take him out, or protect him from Fred!
I met the sales team— two awesome, very beautiful ladies that I'm still very proud to call my friends, Nancy & Laurie!
I met the dynamic duo of PTBO copy writing Art & Maria!
I met Scott as he was Programming the Music; we talked music, or at least as much as I could, to try to impress Fred, in front of an Encyclopedia of music Knowledge like Scott!
Fred then took me to a dark room in the very back, that had so many computer monitors and switches and buttons! It looked like the bridge of The Enterprise!
There I was introduced to a not so long haired, man in plaid named Ryan; he immediately started complaining and yelling at Fred, about something that had previously upset him!
Fred and I then traveled down the hall to an actual real radio station KRUZ 100.5!
Where I shook hands with Peterborough Radio Legend Mike Michael Melnik
I Said "My Grandparents have listened to you and the KRUZ for Ever!"
He said "Oh that's great!"
I said "Yeah! You don't look half as old as I thought you'd be!"
He Gave a Laugh, as I turned and looked at John Badham and blurted out "You DO look as old as I thought you'd be! Maybe older!"
Fred, Mike and John all burst out with laughter!
Fred then walked me through the newsroom, and on our way to the Wolf Studios, we passed Dani Stover!
Before Fred could introduce us, I was already shaking her hand, telling how I had listened to her when she was on the Edge 102.1 morning show, how funny I thought she was. I praised her for how well she was able to handle herself with a bunch of burly dudes and how I thought she was an excellent addition to the Wolf Morning Show!
Dani blushed and politely said Thank you!
Then around the corner walked a Young, Devilishly Handsome Tj Connors!
Fred introduced us, we shook hands and sized each other up. TJ had a question for Fred and could care less of who I was or why I was there!
While TJ talked to Fred, I asked Dani why she came to Peterborough and how she got on the Wolf?
She explained she'd spent summers listening to the Wolf at her trailer growing up and Fred had hired her after the Edge.
I then noticed Fred and TJ were done talking, so I looked at TJ and asked "How did you get into Radio? You look younger then me!"
He Said "I just slept my way to the Top!"
I replied "I noticed you were walking funny! Fred You Must Be Hung Like a Soup Can!"
Fred Burst out Laughing and starting slapping me on the Back!! Really Hard!! Like really hard, It really started to hurt!
He practically pushed me back to his office, sat me back down on the little red couch again and said "I don't know what it is about you, but I like you!"
Fred went on "You've got balls, and a voice and a look about you, that just screams, Don't Mess with me!"
He asked if I had any experience on the air, and I proceeded to lie my ass off! and said, I had been on the college station a ton of times!! and used the same board at Loyalist!!
When In truth.... I still had yet to host my First on air shift and had only seen the board but never used it!
He then looked at me in a very weird, odd way, with a huge smile on his Face and said the words that changed it all for me!
"What Are You Doing Saturday Night?"
Whenever this day comes around it always reminds me, the words my Father always told me!
"Son! You can get anything you want!! If!..... You Never Take No For An Answer!
And remember!
No matter how big it is.... walk around like it's huge!"

Can't wait to hit that Microphone tonight! I LOVE MY JOB!!
Have a great day everyone!

[via Steve Kearns on Facebook]

You can also follow Kearnsy on Twitter @mr_kearnsy. He's 6 buckets of awesome.

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