Nurses At Peterborough County-City Health Unit In YouTube Awareness Video

Ever wonder all that the nurses at the Peterborough County-City Health unit do for you and the community? Well it's lots... and then some. And they have put together a video to help educate the public.

Scroll down to watch the video below...

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Flashback! Peterborough Square During Xmas 1987


What are your memories of Peterborough Square from back in the day? Add comments below.

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Video: Here is What The Gas Leak Looks Like In Peterborough

Starts at 45-second mark where you can see the actual leak. Wow. And here was one of first shots from near the scene earlier this morning.


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Student Begins YouTube Series On Life at Fleming By Taking Us Inside His Residence Room (With Cool Posters)

Major Drama at Peterborough City Council Last Night

Peterborough's Sean Cullen Playing Smee in Stratford's Peter Pan

As the Examiner reports, actor/comedian/singer/author Sean Cullen—who was born here in the Peterpatch August 29th, 1965, and is a graduate of PCVS—is playing Smee in the Stratford Shakespeare Festival production of Peter Pan, which is opening this Saturday at the Avon Theatre. Here's some production clips with Cullen from the play:


And below is a great interview conducted with Sean where he talks about his idea of perfect happiness, his greatest fear and more:

[Peter Pan with Sean Cullen opens at Stratford Saturday; Sean Cullen's website; Sean Cullen on Twitter]

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Peterborough Weather Nerd Jay Scotland Rocks

We're big fans of CHEX Newswatch weather anchor Jay Scotland, who makes local forecasts fun and educational. Jay is entertaining, self-deprecating and informative all at once, and he's obviously passionate about his work. And crafty. On his TheWeatherNerd's channel on YouTube, his latest video (see below) teaches us about downbursts using flour, water and toothpicks. You can also follow him on his blog and get his regular weather updates on Twitter @jayscotland.

[Jay Scotland; Jay's Weather Blog; All About Downbursts; TheWeatherNerd's Channel]

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Every Hump Day: The Peterborough Downtown Farmers' Market!

Don't forget to check out the Peterborough Downtown Farmers' Market on Wednesdays (8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.). It's at a new location this year in the Louis St. Parking Lot, just off of Charlotte between Louis St. and Aylmer St. N.

Market-goers can find a wide assortment of local produce and meats, coffee, fresh-cut flowers, perennial and annual plants, veggie and herb seedlings, lunches to go and much more from the 30 or so vendors.

For more on the downtown market, check out this excellent YouTube video:


[Peterborough Downtown Farmers' Market]

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