Fleming Students Work With Peterborough Businesses Through Applied Projects

In Fleming College's Applied Projects program, students are partnered with a variety of business and industry organizations in Peterborough and area to undertake projects in real world workplace settings. These extensive applied projects are completed over the course of the semester at no financial cost to the sponsoring company. Businesses and students can learn more about the Applied Projects program by contacting Raymond Yip Choy in Fleming Business Programs here.

Learn more about the program here...

[Fleming College]

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Fleming College Is An Open House This Saturday

This Saturday (November 19th) from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Fleming College will be hosting their Fall Open House at all campus locations.  

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Local Tennis Players To Play Epic 24 Hour Tennis Marathon In Support Of PRHC Closer Campaign

On July 30th, two local tennis players, Mark Arbogast and Shawn Beatty, will embark on a gruelling 24 hour tennis marathon in support of the PRHC Foundation’s Closer campaign.

Arbogast, a teacher in the Law and Justice program at Fleming College, says the duo will play 24, 50‐ minute sets of doubles against volunteer opponents, taking only a 10‐minute break every hour.

They're looking for pairs or individuals to sign up to play doubles against them at intervals throughout the day and night. The marathon will get underway at 10:00 a.m. on July 30th at the Quaker Park Tennis Club and run straight through until 10:00 a.m. the next day.

In order to raise money, Arbogast and Beatty will collect pledges in advance, with donors able to sponsor them either for a specific period of time, or for the completion of their marathon. All proceeds from the event will support the PRHC Foundation’s Closer campaign to expand cancer care services at our hospital.

To register to play or pledge your support, call Mark Arbogast at 705‐741‐2223 or email 24tennismarathon@gmail.com.

[image via Quaker Park Tennis Club website]

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Fleming Says Bye Bye to Water Bottles On Earth Day (First College In Canada To Do So)

Fleming College had a decision on its hands when its food services contract was going to run out. When deciding on how to proceed with something as simple as providing water to the students, the push to cut down on the waste that plastic water bottles caused was already in motion. A marketing campaign had been started by students to encourage using more tap water, but as the students graduated, the campaign lost some steam.

In 2009, however, Fleming Go Club (Green Objectives) took the initiative to continue the campaign and take it a step further—to remove plastic water bottles all together. Fleming Student Council started by going bottle free and from there in January 2010 began on a larger campaign. The Lindsay Frost Campus also started discussing going water bottle free. Fleming Go pitched their petition and proposal to the executive and it was accepted, which means on April 22nd, Earth Day marks the first day no bottled water will be sold at Fleming—making it the first college in Canada to ban the sale of bottled water.

A reverse osmosis station was built (see pics below) and now Fleming is the first Canadian school to implement one full time. Students can now fill up their own containers for free at any time.

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Groovy: New Exhibition Celebrating Peterborough In The 1970s Is On!

[Peterborough Museum & Archives]

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Fleming Students Hosting Battle of the Bands To Raise Funds For 30 Hour Famine Event

A group of students at Fleming College are participating in a 30 Hour Famine event on April 8th and 9th. They will be camped out at the Steele Centre (Sutherland Campus, 599 Brealey Dr., Peterborough) for the night, fasting for 30 hours to raise funds and awareness for programs that combat poverty and help children and communities in need around the world.
In an effort to further fundraise for the event, the students will be hosting a Battle of the Bands on Friday, April 8th (in the Steele Centre at the Sutherland Campus). Doors open at 8:30 p.m.
So far, nine bands have already confirmed to battle it out. This is an all ages, dry event that is open to the community. The cost is $5 to get in with all proceeds going to the 30 Hour Famine. The organizers will also be offering a bus (for a small fee) at the end of the night to take people downtown as city transit service ends at 10:40 p.m.
For more info, email Jessica Spooner from Fleming College's Student Administrative Council, or call 705-743-4460 x 223.

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Peterborough High Schools Can Enter Contest To Have Down With Webster Play Your Prom

High school students in the Patch have the chance to compete in a provincewide contest to have Down With Webster perform at their spring prom. The band will perform a concert in June for the Ontario high school that wins the new online contest College Sounds Great.

The contest encourages students to describe why college education is an excellent postsecondary option, and the Top 10 high schools with the largest share of entries will be finalists for the winning concert. "This is an exciting way to get high school students in our community thinking about postsecondary education," says Fleming College President Tony Tilly.

Students can enter the contest by submitting a photo and a 50 to 250 word paragraph, or by making a video, explaining why “college sounds great" to them.

In the meantime, rock out to Down With Webster's "Your Man" here:

[College Sounds Great contest; Fleming College; Down With Webster]

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Let's Rock Peterborough!

Welcome to PtboCanada! This is what we're about, this is where you can tip us (emails go to the entire team) with info about anything Peterborough, this is where you can follow us (if you're not already!) on Twitter -- the place where we were born (the website, not the city!). Think of this blog as an extended version of our Twitter (and thanks so much to all those who have been following us there and inspiring us).

It somehow felt appropriate for our first post to include the video below (backstory here) taken at Fleming College last month. Because wild, wacky, funny, great stuff just sort of happens in this fantastic city of ours.

Spread the word, and give this time to grow. It's going to be a fun ride.


[Fleming College Flash Mob]

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