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The International Dragon Boat Festival Was Simply Amazing


This weekend, I had the honour and privilege to be a part of the Gala celebrations held at the Evinrude Centre for all the participants of the International Dragon Boat Festival being held in Peterborough. I was a volunteer at the event, and never have I been so moved by the courage and strength that stood in one room.

These ladies, and men too, were absolutely remarkable as they made memories with their "sisters". This was the 3rd International Dragon Boat Festival, but the first time a Gala event such as the one I was at has taken place.

This evening was truly special to these paddlers, and I was filled with emotion as breast cancer survivors approached me to hug me and thank me for my contribution to making the evening a reality—and also to tell me how hospitable and welcoming Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, has been to them, and how wonderful our city is. I very much agree.

I hope you all, at some point over the weekend, had a chance to take in the energy that surrounded Little Lake over those three days.

Julie Morris, PtboCanada contributor 

[All photos by PtboCanada Creative Director Evan Holt]

[Survivors Abreast; International Dragon Boat Festival]

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PtboPic: Big Welcome to the International Dragon Boat Festival Teams From Around the World

Must See: Peterborough Dragon Boat Festivals

This Saturday (June 5th) will mark the 10th Anniversary of Peterborough's Dragon Boat Festival, which takes place from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Del Crary Park on Little Lake.

More than 100 community teams are participating in this year's event, which is a fundraiser for the PRHC's Breast Assessment Centre.

The following weekend, from June 11 to 13, breast cancer survivor teams from around the globe will be here participating in the International Dragon Boat Festival on Little Lake.

Peterborough's Survivors Abreast is hosting this worldwide event, which is meant to raise breast cancer awareness internationally and encourage participation from breast cancer survivors.

Make sure to come out and support these wonderful events. Fun to watch and a great cause!




A team practice for the Dragon Boat Festival

[Peterborough's Dragon Boat Festival; International Dragon Boat Festival; Survivors Abreast]

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